In this semi-tumultuous year (pretty complicated by regular standards but far better than last year), there are a couple of events planned for the next 2 months, not a ton though.

The main things fans will look forward to are the official “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” livestream on June 26th, as well as the accompanying 3-part WOWOW “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” broadcasts, the first of which is this weekend.

This week Metal Hammer released it’s 349th Issue with 2 covers, one with SU-METAL and another with MOAMETAL (there will be special editions announced soon as well), and today we are celebrating Riho Sayashi’s birthday!

In less interesting news, on June 15th THE ONE transfer period ends, so those that want to transfer their names from last year and still haven’t you have 2 more weeks to do so, and WOWOW will continue to broadcast old shows for BABYMETAL’s 10th anniversary.

Within the next couple of weeks/months (mostly in late June/July), fans should also receive any merch they ordered for the official Budokan livestream (and the bonus merch released a bit later), from the US Store for the “10 BABYMETAL YEARS” album sale, and the gold “10 BABYMETAL YEARS” vinyl for those that bought the NFT’s this month.

The birthdays these next 2 months are Riho’s (today! May 28th), Chris Kelly’s (May 31st), Leda’s (June 9th), Yui’s (June 20th) and Moa’s (July 4th).

What is unannounced but would be surprising that we don’t hear about in the next 2 months are:

  • The announcement of “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” full release
  • Possible shows/live events
  • More merch (of course!)

Plus any other things BABYMETAL might have up its sleeve. Could be TV or festival appearances, maybe another documentary like those done with NHK in 2014 and 2016? Or more collaborations. I am personally skeptical of any international travel for them unless it’s way at the end of the year, I’d expect it next year though.

I share this calendar semi-regularly on my social media, but only once before on my website. Though I did share later the shared calendar that I created.

You can view, or even link it to your own calendar and setup notifications if you want to.

Link to view

iCal Link (to add to your own calendar)


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