Welcome to the website!

Since BABYMETAL News is only managed by one person (for now, at least), some news stories may take a few hours to be posted (and on occasion, may take a day or 2). I apologize, but I may be busy (or sleeping!) sometimes. I’ll keep you up to date as best as I can with the band and its members.

The goal of this website is to maintain the reader up to date with everything about this band, and its members and crew, and do so in the clearest way possible. As I am an experienced fan by now, I hope to be able to put my knowledge of the band, my show experience, and my travel experience, to making the posts clear and informative. Likewise, I hope this website can be used to refer to past events as well, and make finding information, photos, and videos a quick and easy experience. Follow along with me as we discover everything this amazing band has to offer.

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This project started as a Twitter account in February 2018 because I couldn’t find any other news accounts which were to-the-point news about the band in English.

I expanded to Facebook after good reception on Twitter in late March. In February 2019, I opened a WordPress website, since I thought I could present the information in a cleaner and better format. I started using it fully in April, when the big news started coming out for the 3rd album and the METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR.

Just 2 weeks later, I created an Instagram account, and a few months later, I bought the domain and made the transition to this website in June 2019. That same month, I opened up a YouTube account so that I could post deleted videos, as well as original creations, and more.

Disclaimer: This website and all social media is not affiliated in any way to BABYMETAL or Amuse, INC.