A!Smart is BABYMETAL’s main store, based in Japan. This guide describes the differences between delivery services and website versions, step-by-step process of how to buy a product, and some tips to using it.

I would recommend reading everything, including the notes at the bottom, to be sure you understand all the options before proceeding.

For beginners I recommend using the international website and DHL to start off, and then trying the Japanese website and Tenso if you order regularly to possibly save on each order.

Differences between Japanese and International Version of the Website

There are 2 A!Smart “versions”: the Japanese one, and the International one. The international version is obviously made in mind of foreigners, but there are benefits to using the Japanese version, such as:

  • Cheaper shipping within Japan. This means more savings if you are using Tenso anyway.
  • An account on the Japanese version links to an A!-Id account, which lets you earn points with every purchase (or in weekly lotteries) to be used on future purchases.
  • Some merchandise is only sold on the Japanese website.

The drawbacks are:

  • No native translation (you can use Google Chrome’s built in translation, though, it’s the same).
  • Can’t pay with Paypal.
  • Can’t deliver directly with DHL, you must use Tenso (or some other proxy delivery service). Furthermore, you must fill out the form (its pre-filled in the international website for Tenso).

Japanese Website Guide

If you happen to be interested on using the Japanese website, /u/ein_myria has made a guide on using it. Remember you must have a Tenso account to ship overseas. Here is a machine translator to write your name.

As mentioned before, if you have an account, you can enter weekly lotteries for bonus points on your orders. They will also give you 500 bonus points to use on the month of your birthday. 1 bonus point = ¥1.

International Website Guide

Step 1: Go to A!Smart and choose your language (any other than Japanese).

If you plan to order regularly, I would advise creating an account, so that shipping, payment, and your THE OTHER ONE login details, is saved for future purchases.

Step 1.1: Then find “BABYMETAL”, you can find it in the search pane on the top left.

Step 2: Adding items to your cart

Step 2.1: Add all the items you want to the cart.

Note: If you do not have a THE OTHER ONE – DIGITAL GALLERY account, there are some things that you cannot order. If want to become a THE OTHER ONE member, follow this guide.
Try adding items to your cart, and if it does not ask for a THE OTHER ONE login, it’s ok to buy without being a member.

Step 2.2: Once you are done adding things, click on “Cart” on the top.

Step 2.3: Once it loads, it may give an “ATTENTION” pop-up, dismiss it. Check that you have the correct amount of items in the cart, and then click on “Proceed to Check Out”.

Note: if any of the items you order is not available right now (or is a pre-order), all items will ship once that item is ready.

Step 3: Ordering

Step 3.1: Now, you have 2 choices for delivery: DHL or Tenso. The differences are explained below.

Step 3.2: Add in all your Payment and Address information.

  • If you ordered through DHL, you can skip the next step.
  • If you use Tenso, add (manually, don’t copy and paste) your Tenso number. Check that everything is ok, and complete the order.

You will get an email with a purchase summary, and then one later as soon as the items ship.

Step 3.3 (only if you use Tenso): Once it arrives at Tenso, they will send you an email. Sign in to the website. It should take you to “My Page”, and if you scroll down, you should find the “International Shipments” Pane, with a number on it, click it. If you have multiple orders, wait for all of them to arrive, and consolidate them (there is a 30 day limit from the time the first order arrived). Then go to the shipment pane, check that the information is correct, choose a delivery type, and pay. They will send you an email summary, and then another once it ships.

Differences between DHL and Tenso

Benefits of DHL:

  • Easier to use
  • Faster shipping

Benefits of Tenso:

  • Depending on the amount shipped and destination, it could be quite cheaper.
  • Ability to consolidate several orders, including from different websites, which lowers shipping costs.

Prices: DHL charges a minimum of ‎¥3.450 (around $25 US Dollars at the time of writing), while Tenso’s minimum delivery charge is ‎¥1,930 (around $14 US Dollars). Actual prices vary depending on region and weight, check here for DHL prices, and here or here for Tenso prices.

Note: shipping to Tenso from A!Smart is ¥770 on the international website or ¥407 (¥220 with orders ¥5.000 and over) on the Japanese one

Tenso Account

If you decided you want to use Tenso, first check that it delivers to your country, the list is found here. If it does, great!

Create an account here (its free). Tenso require you to provide proof of identification (name, date of birth, and address), which is done in the My Page section after signing in (you have to send the pictures/scans, and they will verify it in a few hours/days). They will provide you with a Tenso number, address and phone number to use on all your orders. Here are some guides on using Tenso/International Delivery.

Important Notes & Tips

  • Sometimes the website is slow, wait for it to load (or refresh if takes over a minute).
  • For clothing it’s recommend to buy one size larger than normal, as Japanese sizes are a little smaller than EU/USA sizes (if you use L, order an XL).
  • There may be import fees/taxes depending on where you live, and they can be quite high, so don’t forget to factor that into the cost.
  • To purchase THE OTHER ONE items quicker, you can link THE OTHER ONE to your account on My Page, then click on Register fan club & member website information to register THE OTHER ONE account (select it from the list and sign in with your A!-ID account).
  • If you wish to track the shipment, the shipping email should include a code (depending on what shipping method you chose). Remember that it may change carriers once it enters your country.
There may be different versions of some items, be sure to choose the correct one.