BABYMETAL just confirmed the cancellation of the 2nd leg of their European tour. This sadly means that for now, there are no planned shows for BABYMETAL this year (Knotfest Japan was already rescheduled to January 11th, 2021). On the bright side, there are some things to look forward to:

Sadly the XX DAY/Anniversary isn’t exactly confirmed at the moment anymore… we were supposed to get more news on FOX DAY, but we didn’t.

Other things to possibly look forward to are (not confirmed yet, just speculation, in order of probability):

  • More livestreams/merch from BABYMETAL?
  • LEGEND – METAL GALAXY DVD/Blu-ray Release (with hopefully a digital release?)?
  • The Forum digital release???
  • LEGEND M digital release?????

Remember that you can always find an updated calendar on the sidebar of this website (bottom for mobile), or on this page.

Can’t forget the birthdays, of course!!


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