BABYMETAL have announced their second “STAY HOME STAY METAL” livestream. On Sunday, May 10th at 11 PM (Japan Time) they will stream Wembley worldwide (except the UK) on their YouTube channel. They have also announced the re-release of some Wembley merch, as well as some new merch, which they will sell during that day only on A!Smart.

Because of licensing issues (SKY TV has the exclusive broadcasting rights), in the UK they will stream Live in London 2014 [O2 Academy Brixton] at the same time (3 PM) on this link.

They also released a trailer:


Date: Sunday, May 10th
Time: 11 PM (Japan time) [Time zone ConverterCountdown]

Wembley Link (Worldwide except UK)
Live in London [O2 Academy Brixton] Link (UK)

If you are in the UK and have Sky, Wembley is available to watch and download.


Sales time: Sunday, May 10th at 12 PM to Monday, May 11th at 12 PM (Japan Time)


Exclusive items:

  • “WEMBLEY MEMORIAL” Sticker Patch – ¥900
  • “REVELATION WEMBLEY” Sticker Patch – ¥900
  • “STAY HOME STAY METAL” Bandana – ¥1,200 [THE ONE Exclusive]
  • “STAY HOME STAY METAL” FASHION MASK (2 types combo) – ¥1,600

The following items are also available:

  • “LIVE AT WEMBLEY” Live Album – ¥2,547
  • “LIVE AT WEMBLEY” Blu-ray ¥5,602/DVD ¥4,584
  • THE ONE 2020 (T-Shirt & Access code) – ¥5,000 each

Merch is available online. You don’t need to make a queue.
Enjoy your shopping with STAY HOME STAY METAL spirit!

  • All items are restricted to 1 piece per check out.
  • Tax are included in the prices.
  • Tee sizes are S – XXL

Guide on how to become a THE ONE member


BABYMETAL Website: Stream – Merch


Calaveras-METAL · July 31, 2020 at 12:27 AM

The Wembley Merch has been a huge dissapointment. HEre we are at the far end of July and most of us have not received anything from Live Nation. This wouldn’t be so bad, it is expected that things will take longer under COVID. However, Live Nation told us one month ago that our merch had shipped?!
I hope that Amuse/BABYMETAL sever their relationship with Live Nation. I know I will not be patronizing them anymore. If I have to buy from the A!Smart store instead than that will be the price I pay to get honest straightforward transactions.

    BABYMETAL News · July 31, 2020 at 10:16 AM

    Sadly all overseas stores have been very poor for BABYMETAL. And honestly, even with these issues, they have managed the store far better than previous companies (which speaks very poorly of those ones, of course!).

    For the moment at least if we look on the positive side: they are allowing overseas fans to purchase more stuff over time than they could in the past. Though their offerings of shows overseas and absurd A!Smart shipping costs make it very hard still.

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