Note: At least for the moment, there is no THE ONE Membership for 2022. Instead, BABYMETAL have announced THE OTHER ONE – DIGITAL GALLERY, which has other features instead, such as music and visuals, instead of access to tickets and merch.

THE ONE is BABYMETAL Official “Club”. In this guide I describe the benefits to being a member, step-by-step process of how to become a member, and some tips.

Full information of this on their website (use translator up top)

Here is a video explanation, if you prefer. The text version found below it includes more information and a step by step guide.

Benefits Of The Club

  • Exclusive access to SUPER Mosh’sh tickets for shows in Japan (these tickets offer the front area on the floor, as well as early entry).
  • Exclusive access to the first ticket lotteries for shows in Japan (best and easiest way for a foreigner to get tickets).
  • Exclusive Merchandise, available on the official store based in Japan, A!Smart (International shipping available).
  • Exclusive Shows only for members in Japan.
  • Special Events in Japan. Examples: 100 silver chosen ones and 1 golden chosen one for the SSA show in 2015, Only THE ONE Knows (2016), and Only the Five Knows (2017). No events in 2018 or 2019.

Length of Membership: the membership lasts until March 31st, no matter when you join. (For example: if you join at the end of February, you will only be a member for 1 month).

The membership year generally opens around April 23rd. The dates are not exact, though.

How To Become A Member

To become a member, you must redeem a code on THE ONE website. To get the code, you must purchase a specific piece of merch on the A!Smart website, which changes every year. This year (2021/22) it’s THE ONE Tee 2021.

The cost is ‎¥5,000 (around $45 US Dollars), plus shipping (and applicable taxes from your country). Here you have a currency converter.

Step 1: Order the item. Link.

Here is a Guide on using A!Smart in case you have trouble/want some tips.

Step 2: Once you have the item, check for your membership code, it’s found on the packaging of the item. You must scratch off the silver part, where you will find your code. Be very careful, as people have scratched the number off, so do it slowly, and on a hard surface. If you end up scratching the number off, send an email to to get a replacement code (they have english-speaking staff).

Step 3: It’s time to register. Go to THE ONE website and choose your language on the top right.

Note if entering between March 31st and April 22nd: THE ONE is closed during this period, wait for it to re-open on April 22nd.

Note if entering between April 22nd and June 15th: it’s still the transitory period for people with the previous THE ONE year membership.
– If you are new, simply click on one of the “Register” links and continue on with the guide.
– If you were a THE ONE member the previous year, you can transfer the same name over to this year, just click on the transfer name link and follow the instructions on the website.
– If you were a member and want a new name, just follow the register link, as if you were a new member.

Step 3.2: Introduce your code, email, and accept the terms and conditions.

They will send you an email.

Step 3.3: You will receive an email (in Japanese) with a link, click on it. Once the link opens you must:

  1. Enter your METAL name of choice. It must be in ALL CAPS (the -METAL will be added automatically, so do not write it).
  2. Introducing the password you want (type it in a 2nd time to confirm)
  3. Type your last name, then your first name (VERY IMPORTANT to write it correctly if you plan on getting tickets to shows in Japan)
  4. Then, select that you live outside Japan (very last option), and type in your country.
  5. Add your birthday, and gender.
  6. Select if you want to receive email notifications or not.
  7. Confirm.

Note that you cannot change your METAL name, full name, date of birth, or gender after creating your account.

Step 3.4: It will send you to a confirmation page. Confirm that all the info is correct and that you agree to each of the terms (tick on each red checkbox) and register.

Step 4: Before you can access the website, you are required to add a photo of yourself. The picture is used to verify your identity at concerts in Japan.

You can either do it now by clicking on the link, or you can leave and do it later by simply signing in.

Follow the guidelines for the picture:

  • Include your whole head (like an ID picture).
  • It must be clear (I recommend you stand against a light-colored wall, with good lighting).
  • No obstructions (like a Kitsune, hat, or glasses).
  • The picture must be a square jpg, less than 5mb.

You can crop the picture in pretty much any photo program. If it’s not a jpg, you can use something like Online-Convert to convert it. If it says the image is too big, you can use something like TinyPNG or WebsitePlanet.

Once you are ready, click on “select a photo” and upload your picture.

Once it’s done uploading, it will show you a preview of your picture. If it looks alright, confirm. After that, you will se a preview of a THE ONE ID with your picture, confirm again.

Note that the picture cannot be changed later, so make sure it follows all the guidelines.

This is new in 2020. Before that it was only required if you entered a ticket lottery.

You Are Now A THE ONE Member! Congratulations!

How Do I Purchase Exclusive Merchandise?

Good question. Check the BABYMETAL A!Smart page for any items they have in stock that you may be interested in. When you try to add THE ONE items, it will ask you for your THE ONE name and password, enter them and the item will be added to your cart.

Again, here is a Guide on using A!Smart in case you have trouble/want some tips.

How Do I Know When They Release New Merchandise?

For new items, you will be sent an email (in Japanese) a few hours/days before the items go on sale.

Likewise, I will do my best to post it on my social media accounts and on this website.

How To Attend A Show In Japan

First, check if BABYMETAL has any planned shows in Japan. You can find them on their website, or even the side of this website (bottom for mobile users).

Note that THE ONE will only help for solo shows, not festivals or other types of events.

How Do I Get Tickets As A Member?

For BABYMETAL shows, tickets are sold using a lottery system. This means there is no guarantee you will obtain tickets.

THE ONE lotteries will be notified by email, and sometimes BABYMETAL social media. I will also post about any lotteries on this website and my social media. You usually have a few days to enter, so there is no need to hurry.

Check on THE ONE website for any links to the lotteries, and follow them. For the past few years, there have always been lotteries exclusive for foreigners, which are in English and allow the use of foreign credit cards.

Choose the type of ticket you want, fill in your information, and apply. You can enter once for each show you want to attend (if you made a mistake or wish to change ticket type, you can reapply, so do not worry).

If you have more questions about tickets (like “what if I lost all the lotteries?”) check this more extensive guide on tickets.