The last 24 hours have been quite a rollercoaster… but FOX DAY has finally arrived, and with it, a new announcement!

Note on Speculation: You might notice a lot of “it appears”, “it looks like”, and similar wording, it’s because, as with most things “BABYMETAL”, it’s not all entirely clear, so I try my best to interpret the information, without distorting it. Actual speculation is at the very bottom in case you are interested.

BABYMETAL has made a new revelation: there is a new virtual world called the “METALVERSE” in which a restoration project called “THE OTHER ONE” will show us a side of BABYMETAL we never knew existed. Of course it’s mostly lore speak… but what does the lore tell us? I write about it in it’s own section below.

They also revealed is “THE OTHER ONE – BLACK BOX”, which costs ¥15,000 and comes with photo cards that show BABYMETAL “in a parallel world” and an access code to “THE OTHER ONE – DIGITAL GALLERY”, which will allow fans to experience “newly discovered songs and visuals that are to be restored based on the METALVERSE algorithm.” Members of the 2021 THE ONE Membership Project will be able to transfer their METAL names to this new website.

As for live events, the first sentence in the announcement post says that this is BABYMETAL’s new development “as live activities continue to be sealed in the real world.”, which is why this is being called a virtual world, “METALVERSE”. So, at least for the moment, live events won’t be happening.

There is also a new artist profile picture with SU-METAL and MOAMETAL showing some new outfits, as well as a new BABYMETAL logo for this period.

Full information below.

THE ONE Website

When the clock struck midnight on March 31st, THE ONE 2021 Members Project ended, and with it, a new message was shown on the website.

What lies ahead is something
only the FOX GOD knows

See you next time.

The bottom text in Japanese says:

Customer information registered as a member due to the use of this site will be automatically canceled after the site is closed.

At the time this wasn’t taken as a good sign by many fans, thinking the “seal” might last quite a bit longer, especially with THE ONE not being renewed. But, as the announcement a few hours later showed, this was not the case (at least, not how most thought it would be).

THE OTHER ONE – Restoration Project

With the end of the METAL RESISTANCE last year, BABYMETAL left this world and begun travelling through the METAL GALAXY. While BABYMETAL continues to travel the METAL GALAXY, BABYMETAL has announced a new “restoration project” known as THE OTHER ONE, which is a plan to restore the BABYMETAL we never knew existed within a virtual world called the “METALVERSE”.

I’d interpret this to mean that this is a “side story”, until BABYMETAL returns from their travel through the METAL GALAXY (to return to perform at live shows). And at least for the moment, seems it will be entirely within the new box and website, meaning it will be exclusive to those that purchase the BLACK BOX.

Not much else is known at the moment, but as always there are a few different hints as images and texts which were shared on the new special website. They mention that the “key” to this new story is in “THE OTHER ONE – BLACK BOX”.

All Official Information

Video Teaser:

Transcript (the same text also appears on the website):

October 10th, 2021…
A decade after BABYMETAL descended upon this earth,
their 10-year legend was sealed from the world.
Fossilized metal spirits left the dystopian world (real world)
where chaos still continues and
are still in the midst of traveling the Metal Galaxy.
However, with the advent of the virtual world
METALVERSE, a new chapter is about to begin.
Through the METALVERSE,
a restoration project called THE OTHER ONE
will reveal a side of BABYMETAL we never knew existed.
This is the “other” story of BABYMETAL.

The new special website (which BABYMETAL calls the “portal” website) has eerie music playing in the background, which you can hear here:

All images:

Official website announcement:


BABYMETAL who have been sealed from live activities since last year’s announcement on October 10th, revealed a new announcement on April 1st also known as FOX DAY.
New development reveals a restoration project known as THE OTHER ONE, which is a plan to restore the BABYMETAL we never knew existed within a virtual world called the METALVERSE.

THE OTHER ONE – BLACK BOX is the key that unlocks the mystery of BABYMETAL’s “other” story we never knew existed. This item is available for purchase at the artist’s online store A!SMART.

THE OTHER ONE – BLACK BOX includes never-seen-before photo cards revealing scenes from a parallel world we never knew existed as well as a THE OTHER ONE – DIGITAL GALLERY access code which allows fans to experience newly discovered music and visuals that are to be restored based on the METALVERSE algorithm.

THE OTHER ONE is a restoration project in which no one knows when, where, and what will occur in the foreseeable future and something only the FOX GOD knows.

Amuse website announcement text:

BABYMETAL has continued to seal off its live activities in the real world since its declaration of sealing off on October 10 (Sun.) last year, but on April 1 (Fri.), known as “Fox Day,” a new “omen” arrived.

As a new development, “THE OTHER ONE”, a plan to restore the BABYMETAL we never knew through the virtual world “METALVERSE”, will be launched. The idea is that it will begin. A teaser video for “THE OTHER ONE” has been released on the official YouTube channel.

In addition, the details of “THE OTHER ONE” were revealed on “THE OTHER ONE PORTAL SITE” opened today, and the key to solve the mystery of another BABYMETAL story we never knew, “THE OTHER ONE – BLACK BOX” will be available today at the artist’s online store A!SMART.
“THE OTHER ONE – BLACK BOX” includes a photo card showing the parallel world of BABYMETAL, which has yet to be seen, as well as the “METALVERSE The package also includes an ACCESS CODE for “THE OTHER ONE – DIGITAL GALLERY,” a random, ongoing experience of the process of restoring new music and visuals generated by the algorithm.

Stay tuned for another BABYMETAL story, “THE OTHER ONE”.


As mentioned, this website will showcase never-before-seen restored songs and visuals. To gain access one must purchase “THE OTHER ONE – BLACK BOX” (read more about it below).

In some sense, this appears to be the “replacement” for THE ONE membership, at least for now. But with a few clear differences. For starters, they aren’t even mentioning “members project”, so it doesn’t seem like they consider it a “membership”, per say… but at the same time, it has a start day and an end day (which we don’t know yet), as well as a transfer timeline for previous THE ONE members.

Though the big thing that will hit previous members is the stark contrast in price, the previous membership cost ¥5,000 + shipping (and was a bit less in previous years), while the new one is ¥15,000 + shipping.

But, with that change comes a change in benefits. The item itself is quite different to all THE ONE items (which were mostly T-shirts), it looks like a more “premium” product, though of course fans have yet to get their hands on it. As for the benefits on the website itself, previously it included access to exclusive merch, first access to tickets in Japan, access to “VIP” tickets in Japan, and access to member-only shows in Japan. Now the only feature they highlight is the possibility of seeing “new” songs and visuals, which is a big change, as it won’t include anything “live”. Just as the text says: “THE OTHER ONE is a collection of works that cannot be touched by our human hands.”

Official Info


Opens: Wednesday, April 27th at 12:00 hs.
Closes: To be announced at a later date.
Transfer Period: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 12:00 – Monday, June 27, 2022 23:59

THE ONE Membership Guide – Though this is not THE ONE, the basic premise for sign-up is similar, so for those who want to get a rough idea of how to become a member, this should still work until I can make a new guide.

Members from last year’s THE ONE (2021) will be happy to learn that they can transfer their METAL name over to this new service, if registered during the transfer period (like with previous THE ONE memberships). Purchasing the box is still required, of course.

This time the account will be linked to an A!-ID account, which should make it easier to purchase items on A!Smart (no need to have to put in THE ONE code) and attend possible exclusive online events. So if you haven’t made one, be sure to do so here.

Note: An A!-ID account is separate from an A!Smart account. I know, confusing :S


Product Link (Only available on A!Smart)

Price: ¥15,000 (tax incl.)


  • Photo Card

Shipping: will begin on Friday, April 22nd to customers residing in Japan, with shipping scheduled to be completed by Wednesday, April 27th (the date the website opens). Note: those that place an order after 00:00 on Wednesday, April 20th will have the item delivered after the end of April.


THE OTHER ONE – BLACK BOX” is the key to unlock the mystery of another BABYMETAL story we never knew!

“THE OTHER ONE – BLACK BOX” includes never-seen-before photo cards revealing scenes from a parallel world we never knew existed as well as a “THE OTHER ONE – DIGITAL GALLERY” access code which allows fans to experience a random, ongoing process of restoring newly discovered music and visuals that are to be restored based on the “METALVERSE” algorithm.


  • BOX: Paper

Weight: 2.5 kg

Note: as with THE ONE membership codes, the code is on the outside of the product, so there is no need to open it to get the code.

BABYMETAL’s New Artist Photo

BABYMETAL has a new artist profile picture on Amuse’s artist profile page.

SU-METAL and MOAMETAL appear to be wearing military-style uniforms, each seated on a throne made of arms and hands with katana’s and fox signs. The throne is shown more clearly in picture 5 from THE OTHER ONE website. It follows the theme of distorted imagery.

New BABYMETAL Logo Variant

This is the logo that is used on all BABYMETAL social media right now. It features lots of smaller symbols, roman numerals and mostly the “O” symbol from THE OTHER ONE.



Behind the Scenes Content

I know it may be outrageous, knowing how BABYMETAL has been in the past 5 or so years, but given the very high price of the BLACK BOX, as well as some of the released texts:

Along with never-seen-before photo cards revealing scenes from a parallel world we never knew existed, …

This is the “other” story of BABYMETAL.

It does seem to be possible that this could really be behind the scenes content. It would justify the 3x cost compared to THE ONE, and would fit the texts shared on the official websites. It would be a 180° turn in BABYMETAL policy, but then again things like this have happened before. I remember back in 2018, on FOX DAY actually, I said that it seemed inconceivable to me that BABYMETAL would add dancers, after all the work they had done to try and distance themselves from the previous “version” of BABYMETAL (pre-2014). So what I’m trying to say is… it’s not impossible.

Face in Video

There is a face that appears in the video, and some have speculated that it looks like Momoko, which I do think it does at some point. But, the more likely answer, as many have pointed out, is that it’s SU-METAL and MOAMETAL’s faces merged together.

Furthermore, if you take into account the new profile picture with only SU-METAL and MOAMETAL, it seems pretty clear that’s still the direction they want to go in.

Moa’s Role

There is speculation regarding the THE OTHER ONE name and logo. The anagram of THE OTHER ONE, “TOO” (2), the logo features 2 “O’s”, and the name “THE OTHER ONE” may refer to Moa taking on a larger role perhaps? I think this might be a bit too out there, but maybe?


Among the speculation, some fans have tried interpreting the meaning of “restoration”, as the word means to return something to its former state. Therefor possibly meaning the return of how BABYMETAL “was” (possibly with Yui). Though I’d personally go with /u/Brunofocz‘s take on it:

You have to read the original japanese version of the text: 復元させる計画 (restoration project), the word “復元” means also “replica, reconstruction”, which could be more relatable to the “metalverse” thing

Furthermore to seal the meaning, one of the announcement texts says: “…to restore the BABYMETAL we never knew…”


There is obviously lots of speculation regarding this new membership.


For starters, the price being 3 times more is both concerning to some, but also might be good news for others, as if this is correlated to the service received, the membership could now include much better content.


Regarding the content, there are discussions over what the music or pictures will be. Will the music be new clips of soon-to-be-releases songs, or old unreleased versions/clips of songs we know and love, maybe songs they didn’t u\se? Will pictures be lore-type pictures (like those on THE OTHER ONE website), or feature SU-METAL and MOAMETAL? If they do feature them, will they be photoshoots, live photos (when they return to shows), behind the scenes (??!?).


Will the membership include exclusive access to merch? THE ONE merch, which currently can’t be bought?

Ongoing Process

They use the words “ongoing process” several times, this could just mean that there will be updates every now and then, or it could mean that there will be changes throughout as they learn.

The Algorithm

What about “the algorithm”? Late last year in interviews Koba seemed keen on trying new technology, could BABYMETAL actually let an algorithm create pieces of music, or is this just another plot device? I’m leaning on the former.



If the weight of the product is correct, it seems too heavily to just come with a photocard set in a cardboard box. But the weight has been wrong before…



SVII · April 2, 2022 at 4:31 PM

When the two “OO” merged together the first thing that come to my mind was that it’s the infinity symbol. Great article as always🤘 It looks like the box would reveal old song ideas or early versions that fans could then vote what they want to restore and then some of the songs would get finished. Something like that maybe. I am just guessing here🙂

    BABYMETAL News · April 2, 2022 at 9:54 PM

    Thanks! And yes, I noticed the same thing! Though ironically this all points to being “temporary”, until they leave the seal… so I’m not sure how it all fits together.

    Your idea about voting is interesting… I hadn’t thought of it! That could be what “the algorithm” means (basically, we could be the algorithm).

kendra · April 2, 2022 at 7:16 PM

I think it could be a digital show with an avatar that combines their faces, and BTS photos/videos.
Or it is just some vague lore for the concept of their new album, which is darker than previous ones.
My unrealistic wish is that Yui has been learning death growls or black metal screams for the past few years. 😂

    BABYMETAL News · April 2, 2022 at 10:33 PM

    The digital idea certainly seems in line with that face they showed, plus the whole “algorithm” deciding everything and all that… Though I think it being too long might be a bit too… distracting or weird? Like it fits too much into the “uncanny valley”.

    But of course, we have yet to see, just a couple of more weeks.

John · April 3, 2022 at 2:04 AM

I was going to take one for the team and buy this, but I could not create an AI Smart account, it never gets past the member information screen. Tried 4 different browsers, no extensions or ad blockers. Tried 2 different email accounts. I just cannot get past that member information screen.

I was able to create a Tenso ID and have everything verified but no joy on the AI Smart account. Somehow I do not think it is that smart. 🙂

    BABYMETAL News · April 5, 2022 at 3:54 AM

    Did you try and create an A!Smart account or an A!ID account? A!ID is what you want!

CP · April 16, 2022 at 12:12 PM

In your notes attached below of BM’s New Artist Photo, the word “thrown” appears twice but those may be “throne” to be exact.

    BABYMETAL News · April 16, 2022 at 10:21 PM

    Woops! Must have gotten confuse. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

Keith · April 28, 2022 at 12:11 AM

After the recent success of Hololive’s “live” concert in Tokyo with their VTuber line up, I can just image the wheels turning in Koba’s head. We may be seeing the virtual world of the Metalverse sooner rather than later.

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