Note: This was mostly taken from the 2020 (21st birthday) post

2022 (23rd Birthday) Update: given there has been no news in the past year, this post will be linked for her 23rd birthday as well.

Yui Mizuno was born on June 20th, 1999 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Her career started young, with modeling for magazines and clothing brands, as well as and acting, appearing in adsmovies, and TV shows. She joined Sakura Gakuin in 2010 as one of the youngest members (after Moa) of the first generation. Within SG she became a founding member of the subunits Twinklestars and BABYMETAL, as well as being in the 2nd generation of Minipati.

Within BABYMETAL itself, she was a member of BLACK BABYMETAL with Moa. They had their own unique style of songs compared to the ones performed with SU-METAL. They also have the only song writing credits of any BABYMETAL song for members of BABYMETAL with 4 no Uta (Song 4). They have said in an interview before that while creating it they repeated on the tour bus over and over again, which drove the staff mad to the point they complained about it.

She remained a BABYMETAL member until her official departure on October 19th, 2018 (read her message translated here). This was the last time there has been any public sign from her, with her last public appearance being a bit over a year before at Osaka jo Hall for the BIG FOX FESTIVAL (her last BABYMETAL show, which is still on sale for THE ONE members). This was the last photo she was in, taken at the Osaka-Jo Hall to promote the Live Viewing a day later, with the last video being a thank you message for winning the “Most Dedicated Fans” awards at the Loudwire Awards, which was also likely taken at the same place.

The last time we heard from her was a few months ago with the release of Sakura Gakuin’s 10th Anniversary Memorial book, where she answered a few questions:

Amuse has their yearly shareholders meeting at the end of June. There have always been at least a few questions about her, given the lack of news and that she remains under contract with Amuse. Here are the 2020 questions.

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