The book was announced back in late January, with pre-sales going through mid February. The book is now sold out. It has been highly anticipated mainly due to it including Yui’s first interview in several years. Her last public words was her announcement of leaving BABYMETAL in late 2018.

So far, a few fans have translated Yui’s interview, you can read one below, courtesy of ShadeSlayr (here is their Paypal in case anyone wants to donate):

Mizuno Yui

2014 Nendo

Produce Chairman

1. What is your best memory of Sakura Gakuin?
I have irreplaceable memories in all of the nendos, so I can’t choose the best one, but the one that comes to mind now is going on a surprise field trip to film the FRIENDS music video. We weren’t informed at all that we were going on the surprise field trip and reading letters we wrote to each other in pairs, so I was really surprised. It was really fun being able to go to the farm with everyone, so it’s one of my precious memories. I want to be pranked like that again, if the surprise is going to be that fun!

2. Things that make me laugh even now when I remember them
When I listen to Sakura Gakuin songs, my memories of the moments when I made eye contact with the members during that particular part come to mind by themselves, and a smile comes on my face automatically.

3. What is your favorite song of Sakura Gakuin and why?
Among the songs from when I was a member, my favorite is Yume ni Mukatte, which is full of my memories of all the nendos. Among the songs after I graduated, my favorite is Identity, whose lyrics and melody both resonate emotionally. I get really happy when a member suddenly contacts me saying there’s a new song. They tell me the lyrics first, and let me listen to the song. It’s a special privilege for graduates! (lol)

4. If you were to speak to yourself at Sakura Gakuin now, what would you say?
You’re doing fine! Carry on as you are!

5. What I learned during my time in Sakura Gakuin that I can use now
I think I’m making use of myself right now that has received courage and vitality from Sakura.

6. What do you envision a Superlady to be like?
A compassionate and dignified person.

7. Message to Sakura Gakuin on its 10th anniversary and to all the Fukei who have supported us
Thank you very much to all the Fukei-san who have supported us until now, and to everyone who has supported us. Until a few years ago, I was just singing otona ni kawaru mae ni (before we turn into adults) [lyrics in Magic Melody], but in the blink of an eye, I turned 20, and Sakura Gakuin has also welcomed its 10th anniversary. The childish times I spent with the members, the shokuin sensei who kindly support us, my kouhai who continue to pursue a new Sakura, the warm support of Fukei-san, all of these things give me a lot of encouragement. I’m filled with gratefulness to everyone I met until now. I want to smile my best to make use of what I learned in Sakura Gakuin in my life from now on. It’s sad to think about, but… please continue to support Sakura Gakuin until its culmination in summer. Once again, thank you very much!

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Arturo · July 1, 2021 at 1:56 PM

Is good to know something about Yui. We will waiting know more about her in a next future… I hope she is allright…

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