Every year in late June Amuse have their annual stockholders meeting, where stockholders may ask questions to Amuse representatives about the company and its artists. The past few years have included BABYMETAL questions, the last 2 have had several questions relating to Yui Mizuno and her condition. Here is the thread from last year (still to this day the most read article on my website every month).

This year, the event was via teleconference, given the current circumstances it could not be done in person. There were also significantly less BABYMETAL/Yui Mizuno related questions, and even less answers. Sadly no information specifically about Yui. Whether this is due to the format or some other reason, hard to say.

In any case, you can find a list of the most relevant Q&A’s I have selected below, from a transcript a helpful person does every year.


Amuse has 46 major shows affected by the new Corona. (Fiscal year ending March 2020 / Number of performances canceled in parentheses)

Perfume (1), Takahashi Yu (11), BEGIN (4), Hoshino Gen (4), Miyamoto Koji (6), Fukuyama Masaharu (3), ONE OK ROCK (1), BABYMETAL (3), Earth Gorgeous (13) )

2/13 Operating revenue decreased by 2.2 billion and operating income decreased by 1.7 billion compared to the forecast

Most Relevant Q&A’s

Lack of BABYMETAL merch stock

Q3: I’m unhappy that the merchandise sold out early at the concert. I’m in line and I can’t buy them, but someone I know is asking someone to buy them for me. When I looked on the net, they are resold. Babymetal has a limit of 1 piece per person. I want Sakura Gakuin to limit the numbers per tickets to the same thing.

A3: I take it well. To be honest, there is an inventory risk. We are increasing production, but it may be much higher than we expected. We are also experimenting with the Internet to accept orders in advance. We will continue to make progress so that goods can be delivered to our customers through many sales channels. It’s a shame about online resale. We are taking measures against it, but it’s a game of cat-and-mouse. We are working to eradicate it.

Lack of BABYMETAL merch stock and Yui

Q: BABYMETAL merchandise, sold out so early, it’s hard to talk about it. Quite the opposite of my earlier question, but please don’t limit purchases. You can buy multiple copies of Southern All-Stars and save them for later use. Wouldn’t it be harder to resell them if they are plentiful in number? If you have a surplus, you can have a sale at Asmart like you did this January.

I’m a fan of BABYMETAL, so I’m very curious about Ms. Yui Mizuno. I hope you’ll give her all the support you can until she comes out.

Then this was the answer to both of the above

A: I apologize for not getting to you. We must seriously consider countermeasures against resale. Concert goods can also be considered souvenirs. Limiting the number of units sold would cause problems for those people. We will analyze the characteristics of the artists and work out a sales plan while considering the characteristics of the artists. (No answer for Yui Mizuno)

Success of Audience-less Shows

According to the president of the company, he can’t tell you the specific artists’ names, but he said that the “Southern All Stars” recent live performance without an audience was a great success, and they plan to do it with other artists as well.

Antibody Test Kit Suggestion

Q: The basis of the entertainment industry is live shows. Bringing back live music is the way to win in this industry. For example, if you do a “live show with an antibody test kit”, I think you’ll be very likely to go, which cost 8,000 yen. You can advertise that everyone who goes to an Amuse concert is safe.

A: How can we reopen this time? According to the government’s guidelines, we can go live if we do 50% of the audience. If that’s all we can do, we can’t monetize it. We’ll be looking for ways to monetize it, such as live viewing in movie theaters and, following Southern’s successful distribution. In my heart of hearts, I hope to return to that scene soon.

Sakura Gakuin Related

Q: About Sakura Gakuin. Last year, there was a lot of trouble. Misprinted t-shirts at the transfer ceremony. The concert was delayed by an hour at Christmas due to a delay in entrance and the concert was shortened. Graduation ceremony was canceled, but there was a mistake that made the seat types mixed up when the ticket was issued. What’s going on with the management? Also, what happens to the graduation ceremony?

A: Christmas made a mistake in staffing the ID check. The show started 45 minutes late. We had a time limit because we are a minor unit, but we did all the acts we prepared. I apologized directly to the members for giving them a hard time. The graduation ceremony was a sales management error. We will check beforehand to make sure there are no mistakes.

The graduation performance was cancelled due to a difficult decision. This is a big event for the staff and parents. We are looking into whether we can have the opportunity to do so in some way. We will announce it on the official website when it is decided.


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