“EPISODE 34 – ‘BABYMETAL NEWS'” is now out! It’s focused on myself and the projects I have helped create and/or maintain (including Unofficial BABYMETAL News), plus a bit of my history with BABYMETAL, and what the future may hold. You can find links to listen it below.

Sadly 2 days ago I made quite a few changes, so what was said on this podcast did not account for these.

A week ago Episode 1 came out. That one was about the Tokyo Dome streams, some fun things from Tokyo Dome itself, and the broadcast of LEGEND – METAL GALAXY. If you missed it, you can listen to it here.

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You can find links to what was talked below in this post.

Description and info from the BABYMETAL Podcast:

In this episode, we continue our conversation with Facu, the force behind the unofficial BABYMETAL News site. He is the creator of many helpful collections of data and instructions to help new fans become members of The One, buy tickets to shows in Japan, keep up with appearances in print and in interviews and much more. We talk with him about several of the many of the projects he’s been involved with to help the international community of fans. Join us!

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