Last week I recorded 2 episodes on the BABYMETAL Podcast. Episode 33, my first, is out now. It’s about the Tokyo Dome streams, some fun things from Tokyo Dome itself, and the broadcast of LEGEND – METAL GALAXY. You can find links to listen it below.

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You can find links to what was talked below in this post.

Episode 34, my second, comes out next week, it’s more focused on myself and the projects I have helped create and/or maintain (including BABYMETAL News), plus a bit of my history with BABYMETAL, and what the future may hold.

Description and info from the BABYMETAL Podcast:

BABYMETAL surprised us with a two-night worldwide YouTube stream of their Tokyo Dome shows, immediately before WOWOW aired LEGEND METAL GALAXY day 1. /u/Facu474 joins us for a discussion of all three shows, and shares some of his memories from attending the Tokyo Dome shows. Join us!

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Discussion Links

Tokyo Dome

More info on the Red Night Livestream and the Black Night Livestream.

You can find more stuff like these about the shows here.



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