It was 3 years ago that BABYMETAL played their 2016 World Tour Final at the Tokyo Dome. It was initially announced at the end of the Yokohama Arena shows (2015 World Tour Final) [skip to 1:08] along with Metal Resistance and FOX DAY, with no date, but to great cheer from the audience (which can be heard on the official blu-ray). On April 1st (first Fox Day), it was revealed as 1 night on September 19th, named “LEGEND – METAL RESISTANCE -“. A few months later, in June, they announced night 2 and gave them names “Red Night” and “Black Night”. Red Night sold out in late August, and Black Night just a week before the shows.

These shows were very special for many reasons:

  • First, they are the largest solo shows they have played (by far), and remain so today. They said that 55000 fans were at the shows each night for the sold out shows. The closest to that would be SSA (Saitama Super Arena), where they have played many times.
  • They also played all of the songs from their 2 first albums (except for From Dusk Till Dawn, a Metal Resistance international exclusive).
  • Only time Tales of the Destinies has been played live.
  • Last time they performed Onedari Daisakusen and Mischiefs of Metal Gods/
  • Only shows with exclusive outfits per night.
  • First pro-shot of Syncopation, the highly anticipated Metal Resistance Japanese exclusive.
  • Biggest ad campaign ever for a BABYMETAL show

They are available for purchase worldwide digitally, if you haven’t gotten them yet. You can find pictures and videos of all of this below.

Some Red Night pictures. This night they wore a black and gold outfit and a pure golden outfit for THE ONE:

Black Night pictures. For this night they wore black and red outfits all night long. Su had a fox tail and 2 “pom-poms” on her shoulders (she wore 1 on her right shoulder for Budokan: Black Night):

Fan cam clip of the Su slip at the end of the show (which was cut from the official release) + the famous “Su troll”.

Leda also slipped a short while later, which was also not shown on the broadcast (just him laughing after getting up). Some theorised that the moving platforms may have leaked some fluid and made that area slippery:

Crew member slipping caught on fan-cam of No Rain, No Rainbow:

The girls going up the elevator (look to the left behind Hideki. you can see Yui):

Notable people who went, some foreigners, some ex (and active) Sakura Gakuin members:

The girls being entered and exited from the show via boxes. Fans discovered this for Black Night and applauded as the boxes passed by.

From a staff member: “Three princesses came out of the boxes, laughing all cute and saying “the ride was fun!””. More info here.

Ads on Shibuya Crossing, Shibuya Station, and even on a bus making the rounds blasting music:

The girls posing with all the merch items for sale:

Other merch items sold with the PR push for the show:

The following year, in early April, there was a display of Tokyo Dome stuff, including the outfits (which were placed in the wrong cases initially), and also a 360 degree video VR video (sadly never released):

The girls posing with the Tokyo dome Limited edition LP-sized case:


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