The announced “Tokyo Dome: Red Night” has just finished. It looks to have been very successful! During almost all of the stream, it was watched by more people than watched it live at the stadium (55,000). It reached around 73,000~ at its peak. In total around 180,000~ unique people watched it live.

Likewise, “#BABYMETAL” was #1 trending on Twitter in Japan, and got up to #2 trending in the UK and worldwide! The video is #10 trending in the UK on YouTube. The 2 pictures of SU-METAL and MOAMETAL shared right before may have helped a lot in doing this.

It will remain available to view for 24 hours. Tomorrow at the same time (Time zone converter â€“ Countdown) they will stream “Tokyo Dome: Black Night” at this link.

Lots of Kami Band and crew members were watching along, reminiscing and Tweeting their reactions, which you can read below.

Personal note: it was my first BABYMETAL show, so it was also time for reminiscing for me!

If you want to see the pro-shot pictures, backstage pictures, videos, fun facts, merch, promo pictures, and more from the shows, be sure to check the post I made for the 3rd Anniversary

Purchase Links (Physical and Digital)

In case you want to own it and rewatch to your hearts content, here are some purchase links:

Sadly THE ONE edition with audio CD’s and a photobook has been sold out for 3 years.

Special Intro

The livestream included a special intro with a BABYBONE (generally considered as Koba when doing official announcements) reminding us to stay home, but also to stay metal. Watch it below.

Kami Band Tweets

Some of the Kami Band members that played were watching the show live and tweeting out live reactions.

BOH (Bass)

It sounds really good 🤘( B`o´H) / 🇯🇵


8:15 PM

I want to play with Kogami again! 🎸


8:33 PM

Takayoshi Ohmura (Guitar)

Fujioka waits 🍻🚬> RT

8:09 PM

The left channel is Mr. Fujioka.🎸

8:15 PM

It’s the best feeling that this heart is shaking and it’s getting hot.👶

8:20 PM

BOH replied:

Best Bass\( B`o´H)/

8:24 PM

You had a beard 👴

Ohmura – 8:25 PM

And the conversation continued… (won’t post it here, too long!)

Fujioka And The Mr. Best Zo 😭

8:29 PM

Isao replied:

The best combination🤘🤘

Isao – 8:33 PM


8:48 PM


8:49 PM


8:54 PM

Oh yes, the feeling of this collection is amazing 🎸

9:04 PM

They’re coming!

9:12 PM

Oh, my God.

9:13 PM

I just saw a pervert.

9:17 PM

Mr. BHO, it’s a little too dazzling.

9:20 PM

The strength of people and music.

9:30 PM

That said, Mr. BHO, it was a little too dazzling.

9:31 PM

Thank you, Mr. Fujioka, today!

9:40 PM

The room is finally warm.
As soon as it started, it got cold and frozen and i watched it.

9:48 PM

Mr. BHO told me to make a miscellaneous cola.
Please send it to me. ✋ ◉◞◟◉

9:56 PM

Isao (Guitar)

I’m not out myself, but this excitement! After all, this guitarist combination is the strongest 🎸🎸

8:32 PM

Yusuke Hiraga (Guitar)

Ohhh (with link to stream)

9 PM

After all, this song is too Yaba, and everyone respects…

9:17 PM

Crew Tweets

Toshihiro Egawa (T-shirt designer)

I am looking forward to 20:00 (◜௰◝)

6:52 PM

Yon Yon!

8:47 PM

Yassa – (◜◝ S)

8:49 PM


9:02 PM

BOH’s Movement Grass

9:04 PM

( ^ω ^ 3 ^ω ^ )
This is what i’m going to

9:06 PM

It’s glowing.

9:19 PM

Thank you very much. 🤘

9:32 PM

I wanted to listen to Mr. Fujioka more. It was great. 🤘

9:43 PM

Hidefumi Usami (Live Music Manipulator)

I remember a lot.

8:12 PM

I’m not nervous about the box itself, but seeing (feeling) what I can’t see in a situation is like a tight stomach from beginning to end. It was a team play with a sense of trust.

8:41 PM

Other Tweets

Saki (Guitarist for Mary’s Blood And Nemophila)

Remembers her time at the show

Roa (Burstgirl)

I was not interested in idols for the rest of my life if I didn’t meet YUI-METAL- chan. It’s a great !!!

8:56 PM

Editor-in-Chief of Hedoban Magazine

Four years have passed since this sight …

8:15 PM

Iine! is a true divine song. I still like it the most.

8:25 PM

Is the first day Tales? Only once … I’m only showing you this day, sure. It’s a waste.

8:34 PM

No, I need highball

8:43 PM


8:46 PM

Kyung 4

8:53 PM

I don’t think he’s the same person as the person interviewing the owner for ramen coverage.

[Talking about BOH, who does ramen columns in Hedoban Magazine] 8:56 PM

The highlight of the first day

9:12 PM

Dancing Progressive Metal.

9:13 PM

Hedoban Magazine

BABYMETAL, the first day video of the legendary dome is coming soon!

From 20 o’clock today, the first day of the BABYMETAL Tokyo Dome 2 Days performance held on September 19, 2016, “RED NIGHT” live video will be delivered 🤘 on BABYMETAL‘s Official YouTube account

7:47 PM

Fan Art


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