Yesterday, BABYMETAL blocked me with their Twitter account.

They didn’t say why, so it’s hard to know the reason. Could be because I shared WOWOW videos, could be because I may have appeared as an official account for some, or simply a mistake.

Either way, because of that, I have decided to make some changes to my various social media accounts and the website. Some of these are:

1. In order to avoid future copyright takedown notices, I have removed from my website:

  • All videos
  • All Translated Lyrics to METAL GALAXY songs
  • All Translated Interviews
  • Some other posts that featured leaks or other things.

Likewise, I will no longer share videos or streams.Just to be clear, I have not shared content that BABYMETAL sells (such as music, blu-ray’s, etc.). I have only shared content that could not be purchased by any means. However, I will also be stopping this practice.

2. To avoid confusion over my account being official or associated with the band in any way I will:

  • Removed my profile and cover pictures. I have changed them, hopefully temporarily, and will go about getting a unique one (something I have been wanting to do for some time).
  • At least temporarily, I will change my name from “BABYMETAL News” to “Unofficial BABYMETAL News”, and see what I should do about that… my username’s will remain the same for now, however.
  • My bio’s/about sections have for quite some time explained that I am not an official account, but in the past few days, I made it even clearer.

Whether or not BABYMETAL did this by accident, or not. I’d rather make these changes so that the accounts and website are better protected in the future.

This is still “new”, so I am still open to change, but these are the initial actions I have taken.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for reading!


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