Update 2022/3/23: this has been updated with FOX DAY 2020 and 2021

Since today is FOX DAY, why not explain what it is and revisit the history of FOX DAY? Even old fans might enjoy reminding a bit. I know I did!

What is FOX DAY?

It’s a special day BABYMETAL, I mean the FOX GOD, created back in late 2015 which happens every April 1st. Every year there are special announcements or releases on FOX DAY. Likewise, since 2018 THE ONE membership has always ended on this day (re-opening again later in April).

History of FOX DAY

December 2015

The first it was mentioned was at end of night 2 of BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2015 in JAPAN – THE FINAL CHAPTER OF TRILOGY (Yokohama Arena), where they announced in a video that a new album (not yet named METAL RESISTANCE) would release on April 1st, FOX DAY. Likewise, the day after, the 2016 World Tour would start at London’s Wembley Arena (this had already been announced months before). And finally that the tour final would be in Tokyo Dome, and that all information would be revealed on FOX DAY.

FOX DAY 2016

Given the album release, Wembley being such a huge show for BABYMETAL, and the announcement of their largest show ever, this is quite possibly the biggest and most important FOX DAY yet.

FOX DAY 2017

This FOX DAY featured lots of activities and a rather large announcement. Still, several international fans were disappointed as they expected announcements of solo shows outside Japan.

FOX DAY 2018

This FOX DAY left most fans disappointed, as even though we did get a pro-shot of LEGEND S, there wasn’t any real announcement this time around.

FOX DAY 2019

  • Announcement of new album (not yet named METAL GALAXY), Yokohama Arena (BABYMETAL AWAKENS – THE SUN ALSO RISES -), and LEGEND M.

The most nail-bitting FOX DAY, if I may say so myself. After a very odd 2018, with several changes in costumes, members, and lineup; After teases from the BABYMETAL Graphic Novel account and 5B Artist Management; After the longest hiatus in BABYMETAL history (last shows were in early December 2018), with no solo shows announced yet, fans were awaiting FOX DAY 2019 to possibly provide some guidance over how BABYMETAL would continue on.

Fans had to wait until 11PM (Japan Time) to get answers. And boy o boy… were fans ecstatic when they got the news.

FOX DAY 2020

This FOX DAY was mired by the begging of the COVID-19 pandemic and a wave of cancelations. Whatever initial plans BABYMETAL had for the 10th anniversary (“XX DAY“) were scrapped, but at the very least, we did get to see BABYMETAL perform on TV again (several times!), as well as a special live-stream only show and 10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN.

THE ONE 2020 countdown started as usual.

FOX DAY 2021

As with the previous year, it was another teaser, this time for “LIVING LEGEND”. At the time of writing (March 2022), they have converted to “LIVING LEGEND”, and we still await what will come after (perhaps this FOX DAY 2022?).

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JZ METAL · April 1, 2020 at 10:07 AM

Noticed this since 2016. Thought it was a prank 😂😂

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