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This was BABYMETAL’s first full livestream show, without an audience, so fans didn’t know what to expect. The show started with footage of a BABYBONE (or “Koba”), as he usually does for large shows. Then followed some footage from the original show BABYMETAL performed at the venue in 2012, BABYMETAL’s first solo show, which finally led into the first song of the show, “Headbanger!!”. They interlaced footage of the old show with this new performance.

Viewers were greeted by SU-METAL, MOAMETAL, and MOMOKOMETAL on a small stage with several rows of square screens which showed several effects and footage during the performance. Given the stage’s small size, there was no Kami Band.

The setlist was similar to the “BEST ALBUM” releasing this month, though not in the same order. However, in the end it was missing “THE ONE” and “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”. The last time they had played Doki Doki ☆ Morning was at LEGEND S in late 2017, so over 3 years ago, so it was a very pleasant surprise to fans to see it played again.

The show was pretty clearly pre-recorded. As mentioned before, the songs featured different effects; “PA PA YA!!” for example had some sparks and smoke effects and a “hologram” F. Hero. There were also general effects such as camera shaking, which made the show seem more “live”, as if there were an audience bumping into the cameras or moving the ground beneath them

There were also several video interludes or “Kamishibai”, the most popular from fans will of course be SU-METAL and MOAMETAL talking a bit about their experiences.

At the end they announced the dates and more information regarding the 10 BABYMETAL Budokan shows. Full post regarding that announcement.

Full info below.

Show Info


8 PM – Open
9 PM – Livestream Start – Time zone converter – Countdown


  1. Headbanger!!!
  2. Doki Doki ☆ Morning
  3. Megitsune
  4. Gimme Chocolate!!
  5. PA PA YA!!
  6. Distortion
  8. Road of Resistance

Kami Band

  • None

Chosen Avenger

  • Momoko Okazaki


Post-show picture

The signatures will be on display:

Show Screenshots

Miscellaneous Info


You can order it when you are ordering your ticket.

Bone Hoodie
Bone Bottoms
Bone Glove
“Stay Metal” Face Towel
“Stay Metal” Rubber Band
  • Bone Hoodie – ¥12,000
  • Bone Bottoms – ¥9,000
  • Bone Glove – ¥3,500
  • “Stay Metal” Face Towel – ¥2,500
  • “Stay Metal” Rubber Band – ¥1,000

Kami Band Tweets

Some members of the Kami Band tweeted as the show was being streamed:


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