It counts down to April 22nd at 12 PM (Japan time). That’s when THE ONE 2020 Membership website will open for new registrations.

Guide for those that wish to become a member or learn more about it.

But they also use it to mark the start of the new METAL RESISTANCE EPISODE. In this case, EPISODE X, the last EPISODE of METAL RESISTANCE. We will probably find out what this means on XX DAY on October 10th, 2020.

Here is the message translated (note that this one was already shared before):

<A message from the FOX GOD>

2020 BABYMETAL members project, THE ONE starting DEATH!!

It’s been about ten years since BABYMETAL, which continued to run on a boundless road,
METAL RESISTANCE celebrates the final chapter, Chapter 10

Are you ready to headbang?!
When the bell of fate echoes with the countdown of DOOMSDAY,
we become THE ONE!!

Remember you can order THE ONE membership tee until April 6th at 23:59 PM (Japan time) and get it in the original mid-April shipping timeframe. If you order later, it will be shipped towards the end of April or May. THE ONE tee with the 2019 membership bonus sticker is now sold out.


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