The event has been teased since Yokohama Arena in June of 2019. And has since has appeared at the end of various shows.

It has always been shown as 20201010, which most interpret as a date, October 10th, 2020. And also comes with this text before it:

Beginning in 2010, the odyssey
to the METAL GALAXY continues.
And after 10 years,
XX DAY will be approaching in 2020.

This time we finally got some new information. At the end of the LEGEND – METAL GALAXY shows they showed another teaser. They played the same dramatic music with the same Japanese woman announcer they have used for previous big announcements.

The key take away:

  • Information on this event will be revealed on FOX DAY (April 1st)
  • It will be in October.
  • It will be EPISODE X
  • It will be the last episode of METAL RESISTANCE

Read the transcript below:


The legend about the massive METAL GALAXY that appears at the moment the sun and moon align
According both the Light Force and Dark Force, BABYMETAL now approaches the countdown to DOOMSDAY, together with the ringing of the bell of destiny.

October 2020
It has been almost a decade since BABYMETAL descended upon this earth, METAL RESISTANCE has approached it’s finale, EPISODE X.
What will be the ultimate fate that awaits?
Only the FOX GOD knows.

2020 1010

All will be revealed on 4.1

See the full clip below:


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