FOX DAY is here once again! And BABYMETAL was quick this time to share a mysterious post. As with previous years, this also means the end of THE ONE year, and the start of the countdown towards the next. Read everything about these below.


Right as the clock turned 12 AM in Japan, starting April 1st, also known as “FOX DAY” for BABYMETAL, they shared this mysterious image and message across social media:

On Facebook BABYMETAL uploaded it with a 3D style, and on Instagram they posted it as several images, so that it must be seen from their profile.

A few fans pointed out that this was mentioned at the start and middle of the “STAY METAL STAY ROCK-MAY-KAN” livestream show back in December 2020. Here is the key phrase:

BABYMETAL created legend after legend in the past 10 years. [Shows all previous LEGEND symbols]

Their metal spirits will continue to transcend time and space and shine forever [Shows EPISODE X symbol]

After some time, a legend becomes a myth, which eventually become a LIVING LEGEND. [shows golden stairs]

What lies ahead is something… Only The FOX GOD Knows

Some think that since they are 10 steps, it must be related to the ongoing “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN”, possibly a tease of an announcement to come at the last 2 shows. Others speculate if the cross at the top may mean a BABYMETAL “crucifixion”, possibly even related to Momoko becoming an official member. Though maybe it’s just the ship BABYMETAL use to traverse to a new galaxy to start their next chapter (after all, this was supposed to be the last EPISODE of the METAL RESISTANCE).

There is also the possibility that it could be related to Seikima II’s last album, “Living Legend“. Seikima II’s leader was Demon Kakka, who interviewed KOBAMETAL on Kadogawa last year.

In 1999, their final album, Living Legend, was released. They kept true to their roots and fans consider it to be a proper final chapter in the band’s history before finally disbanding on December 31, 1999, at 23:59:59. Their final concerts were called The Black Mass Final 3 Nights, and were three days lasting from December 29–31. The concerts were separated into three days called The Theatrical Day, The Satan All Star’s Day (on this night every former member and supporting member that was ever in the band performed, except Giantonio Babayashi and Gandhara Sangeria Tigris-Euphrates Kaneko, who sent video messages), The Doomsday, which at the end, the band is seen disappearing into a portal of light leaving the stage and finishing their 14-year career.

So Living Legend could be the name for BABYMETAL’s next album, or at least a tease.

Or maybe it’s all of the above. It remains to be seen if they will share anything else today, or if they will leave it all for the shows. This page will be updated if there is anything new today.

Update: it was also mentioned at Budokan

Read the comment from jabberwokk:

“At the end of “DOOMSDAY – V” (Feb. 19th) while the in-concert video is moving along the stairs of the graphic you can make out “LIVING LEGEND” among Japanese in the lower subtitles, and it is in the spoken narration as well. The text for the entire video is very difficult to make out, but I’ve given it my best shot.

The English subtitles (at the top of the screen) for the first narrated line are impossible to read, but the second is:

The birth of new metal marked the beginning of METAL RESISTANCE
and BABYMETAL finally entered into their final episode

Meanwhile the screen is flashing through the symbols for each of the episodes in a quick history. My guesses below match the word length and shape, but there could be errors.

Until the ____ ____ of the “10-____ ____”
(Until the last ring of the “10-year gong”)

which marks the end of the _______ ______ in history for BABYMETAL
(which marks the end of the biggest battle in history)

and until the ______ they _____ the ______
(and until the moment they ascend the stairs)

becoming a “LIVING LEGEND”
no one can stop the clock from ticking.

That ends the narration, and the music moves to the next section and a gold version of the symbol for Episode X “ticking”, rotating in steps like the second hand of a clock the way it was used for the countdown to THE ONE site re-opening the last time. The remaining text is in Japanese onscreen with no subtitles, ending the video with “Only the FOX GOD knows” in English before the final Babymetal logo.

So that’s the context of how LIVING LEGEND was used at Budokan. If there is a reveal this video will probably be updated to include it at the end of the tenth show, which is something they’ve regularly done in the past.

But the context is that it is Babymetal itself, inevitably and soon, becoming a LIVING LEGEND now that ten years of Metal Resistance are coming to completion.”

THE ONE Website Countdown

As has been the case for the past few years, THE ONE membership has now closed, and the countdown for the next year has started on THE ONE website. Yesterday it was announced that it will open 5 days ahead of when it was originally announced, on the same day as the last “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” show.

As with every year, it also displays a message below. However this time there is no lore, it just repeats last year’s “SEE YOU IN METAL RESISTANCE EPISODE X” title, and provides some information for attendees of the remaining “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN”. Though given the above speculations that the shows will bring the announcements, this might make sense.

This is what it says (translated using DeepL):


<A message from the FOX GOD>
Information for everyone who will come to BABYMETAL “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” DOOMSDAY – IX – X

Information for everyone who will come to BABYMETAL “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” DOOMSDAY – IX – X will be announced on BABYMETAL Official Homepage and 【10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN Special Page】.
THE ONE members site is in the preparation period for THE ONE members site in 2021, so there will be no announcement on the site or by e-mail. Please be forewarned.

Information on the entrance and start time will be sent to the e-mail address registered in the Ticket Pia membership registration (free of charge) that you used when you applied for your ticket by the day before the performance you wish to attend.
Please be sure to check your email and arrive at the entrance and start time indicated in the email.

For your safety and to avoid confusion on the day of the show, please read the information on the BABYMETAL Official Homepage and 【10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN Special Page】 carefully one week before the show and come to the show.



Yui’s Amuse Profile Remains

And for those of you wondering about Yui’s status with Amuse, her profile is still up.

It is usual for Amuse to remove the profiles as soon as their contract is up, and this usually happens on April 1st, as it’s the start of a new fiscal year.


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