Update – 7/4: They have revealed the 11 designs (1 of them is for a giveaway).

Update 2 – 13/4: The giveaway winner has been announced, and the designs and names have been linked. It was not revealed until the end of the auction, before only numers were shown (1~10).

BABYMETAL has announced a third series of NFT’s (1st2nd), this time sneakers “BABYMETAL x AIR SMOKE ZERO”, in collaboration with 1BLOCK. 1BLOCK is Japan’s first digital fashion label, based in Los Angeles and Tokyo.

There will be 10 designs auctioned, each issued only once. They will be available virtually, and later on physically. Only the purchaser of the NFT will receive one, in the same design as the NFT they purchased. They will be auctioned from April 7th to 11th for 0.1 ETH each (at the time of writing, equivalent to 347 USD or ¥42,600). Due to being on the OpenSea, it’s only available in ETH, not USD as was the case with the first 2 sales.

The 10 designs are linked to BABYMETAL’s new restoration project, “THE OTHER ONE“, in the virtual world known as the METALVERSE.


NFT Marketplace: OpenSea
Total quantity: 10

① “CAVALRY” – 1/1
② “ILLUSION” – 1/1
③ “COFFIN” – 1/1
⑤ “MONOCHROME” – 1/1
⑥ “SMOKE” – 1/1
⑧ “TRANSITION” – 1/1
⑨ “MIRROR” – 1/1
⑩ “THRONE” – 1/1

Purchase method: starting at 0.1ETH via auction

Sales start at 10:00pm JST on April 7th, 2022 *times may vary
Sales end at 12:00pm JST on April 11th, 2022 *times may vary

For more information, please visit 1BLOCK’s Discord server.


① “CAVALRY” – 1/1

② “ILLUSION” – 1/1

③ “COFFIN” – 1/1


⑤ “MONOCHROME” – 1/1

⑥ “SMOKE” – 1/1


⑧ “TRANSITION” – 1/1

⑨ “MIRROR” – 1/1

⑩ “THRONE” – 1/1

“THE OTHER ONE” – 1/1 – Lottery Winning Shoe


The 10 sellable NFT’s were sold to 4 people, with 2 of them (irotan and Heiwa_NFT) buying up 8 of the NFT’s. The total sale price of all 10 NFT’s was 10.28569 ETH, valued at around $30.857 USD or ¥3.857.133 (on closing day the price of ETH was around $3.000 USD or ¥375.000).

The 3 bought by Heiwa_NFT are now being resold on the market for 2 to 3 ETH each, around 2 to 3 times the price they bought them for.

① “CAVALRY” – 1/1 – Sold for 1.4039 ETH to METATARO
② “ILLUSION” – 1/1 – Sold for 0.7444 ETH to irotan
③ “COFFIN” – 1/1 – Sold for 1.05 ETH to dai
④ “INVERTED MIRROR REFLECTION” – 1/1 – Sold for 1.1025 ETH to irotan
⑤ “MONOCHROME” – 1/1 – Sold for 0.8 ETH to Heiwa_NFT
⑥ “SMOKE” – 1/1 – Sold for 1.05 ETH to irotan
⑦ “LIGHT AND DARKNESS” – 1/1 – Sold for 1.05 ETH to Heiwa_NFT
⑧ “TRANSITION” – 1/1 – Sold for 1.044 ETH to irotan
⑨ “MIRROR” – 1/1 – Sold for 1.0444 ETH to irotan
⑩ “THRONE” – 1/1 – Sold for 1 ETH to Heiwa_NFT

How to Purchase

BABYMETAL x AIR SMOKE ZERO” will be hosted on “OpenSea”, the largest NFT marketplace using the virtual currency “Ethereum”. The product will be made available to the public.
The following is a step-by-step explanation of how to register for “OpenSea” in order to actually participate in the auction and place successful bids

1. Wallet
OpenSea” is open to all Ethereum holders, and anyone can freely register and participate in the auction. Registration and use is basically free, although a certain fee is charged when items are sold.
However, as a prerequisite, a wallet to store Ethereum is required to use “OpenSea. Here, we will explain using “MetaMask,” which is the most popular.

2. Send money to “MetaMask”
Send Ethereum from your currency exchange to “MetaMask,” a feature added to your browser. Please make sure that the password and secret phrase of “MetaMask” are never revealed to others.

3. Access “OpenSea”
Access “OpenSea. Click “My Account Settings” in the upper right mark on the top page, and you will be transferred to the sign-in screen connected to the meta mask. Click on “Sign In” to complete the process.

“OpenSea”: https://opensea.io/

4. Participate in the auction
Participate in the actual auction and bid on the “BABYMETAL x AIR SMOKE ZERO” NFT.
The link to purchase the NFT will be posted on 1Block’s Discord server.



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