BABYMETAL has shared a new picture on Instagram with the hashtags “#BABYMETAL #LIVINGLEGEND”. It most likely is the first of 9 pictures to fill in the Instagram grid, as they have done in the past. It was posted at midnight on October 2nd, so they will probably be one picture per day on midnight leading up to October 10th.

Fans have started speculating over what it could be. The most likely candidate is their logo, but the question remains if it will be the same logo they have been using, or a new one for the LIVING LEGEND.

Update October 5th: it appears to be the 10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS logo used for the exhibition, which includes images from their past concerts (without the bottom text).

Update October 11th: BABYMETAL have updated all their social media pictures to the complete picture.

Picture 1 – October 2nd

Picture 2 – October 3rd

Picture 3 – October 4th

Picture 4 – October 5th

Picture 5 – October 6th

Picture 6 – October 7th

Picture 7 – October 8th

Picture 8 – October 9th

Picture 9 – October 10th


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