At the very end of October 10th, when they had said they would seal off, BABYMETAL has shared a new recording of THE ONE (Unfinished version) with SU-METAL and MOAMETAL at an empty Budokan and climbing the “stairway to Living Legend”.

The video is very good, but sadly it doesn’t do much to inform us more than we were before watching it. So logically, this started new speculations over what the video could mean. At the moment we have no more official information. Though Japanese fans that have already received their November 2021 issue of Young Guitar with a lengthy KOBAMETAL interview have stated that he talks about the seal, so as soon as someone can translate it we will know better if there is any additional information worth sharing.

For now, we will have to wait.

Alongside the new video they changed all profile pictures on their social media pages and their website to the greyed-out (i.e. sealed) “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS” logo, and have a new profile picture on the Amuse website with SU-METAL and MOAMETAL walking up the stairs. Both of these can be found below.

Update: Toy’s Factory has released a press release that includes:

“After having created numerous legends, their 10th anniversary year comes to an end, and we will be unable to see them again until they’re unsealed. Only the FOX GOD knows when that time will come, but please STAY METAL as we wait a while for news of the next action that will create a new LEGEND!”


The video starts with THE ONE (unfinished ver.) playing and 2 texts showing up one after the other:

The 3 metal spirits that have been shining since 2010

even if they were to leave Earth,

would continue to shine forever in our hearts

and across the Metal Galaxy.

A legend turns into a myth which turns into a LIVING LEGEND…

What lies ahead beyond the end of the stairway

to becoming a LIVING LEGEND is something

only the FOX GOD knows.

It features SU-METAL singing in the middle, with MOAMETAL entering and walking around the stage. Both of them are alone in the venue, with lights flashing at each venue seat. This part of the video seems to have been recorded at the Nippon Budokan, probably during their shows there at the start of the year. After that part it shows them walking up the “stairway to Living Legend”. It ends with both of them turning into balls of light that travel towards the sky and stars, along with a third ball of light (presumably, YUIMETAL), joining together as they leave.

After that, it shows 3 additional slides of texts:

Thank you to our


Thank you to our




Ending with the “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS” version of the logo going from a colorful state to a darker one (like turning into stone).

Press Release

Mostly translated via Deep-L, except for the last paragraph, which was translated by funnytoss and u/Capable-Paramedic

THE ONE – STAIRWAY TO LIVING LEGEND”, a video to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band, is now available on the official YouTube channel

BABYMETAL has announced that they will seal their 10 years of “LEGEND = Live” on October 10 (Sun.).
BABYMETAL has released the video “THE ONE – STAIRWAY TO LIVING LEGEND” on their official YouTube channel to wrap up their 10th anniversary year.

In the video, SU-METAL and MOAMETAL climb up the long stairway leading from the sea of clouds to the heaven on the theme of “THE ONE” which has become the BABYMETAL’s anthem, and you can see BABYMETAL going out as “LIVING LEGEND” from the world they have created for 10 years on this earth.

10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN”, the first one-man live at Nippon Budokan for 10 performances in BABYMETAL’s history, which was held from January to April this year.
The publication of the first LIVE HISTORY BOOK “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS” (Pia) which consolidates BABYMETAL’s 10 years of live performances, the EXIBITION at hmv museum, and the video work and LIVE ALBUM which recorded the latest Nippon Budokan performance as the finale of the 10th anniversary year. The release of “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN”, a live album and a video recording of the latest performance at Nippon Budokan, as the finale of the 10th anniversary year, and the EXHIBITION at Tower Records Shibuya to commemorate it, various projects have been developed.

“After having created numerous legends, their 10th anniversary year comes to an end, and we will be unable to see them again until they’re unsealed. Only the FOX GOD knows when that time will come, but please STAY METAL as we wait a while for news of the next action that will create a new LEGEND!”


New Social Media Profile Picture

This new image was added to their website, their Twitter profile, Facebook page, Instagram profile (along with the countdown the last few days), Tiktok account, YouTube channel, A!Smart page, Toy’s Factory page, and their LINE account.

New Amuse Profile Picture

This new picture was added to the BABYMETAL Amuse profile. I was able to find a higher quality version of it at this merch link which BABYMETAL shared on their website.


Larry Walton · October 17, 2021 at 5:07 PM

Damn… they keep teasing us. This is painful.

So…. interpretations anyone?

1. Maybe that means they are finished. Walking up stairs into the clouds can be construed to mean they are dead. (Finished in this case)

2. They are not finished but have just returned to their celestial home but will be back as we will need them of course. The third light is them showing that they recognize that BABYMETAL is a trio and that 3 have returned home. Maybe they will be back in some form.

3. Maybe the new form will be a proper trio. No more Avenger crap. Maybe Momoko will finally be given her twin tails and a microphone and be allowed to sing.

4. Dare I speculate that when they return as a proper trio that our long lost Mizuno Yui could return? I read somewhere that after a breakup like they had for whatever reason that Japanese culture could not allow either her to return nor can the band accept her. Maybe this has been the plan all along after Yui Chan’s need for whatever medical/ therapeutic help she needed. I believe the fact that we have not seen ANY activity from Yui since she left, may support this.

5. Maybe BABYMETAL in the forms we have known it are gone now forever. Maybe they will complete their transformation away from the kawaii kids look to a more mature look? New name too?? Like Duane Metal suggested maybe they will be LADYMETAL. No more pony and twin tails. No more battle dresses? Maybe they let their hair down and wear slinky dresses and become more like a PERFUME METAL of sorts?

As always…Only (You know who ) knows!!

    John · October 23, 2021 at 7:55 AM

    In regards to 1. They went to heaven in the Legend 1999 Concert at the end. And the production was too much for a band/group that is ending. I think they will be back. In what form is anyone’s guess.

    In regards to 2. Same thing they will be back. These girls make too much money for Amuse to just say…see ya! heh

    In regards to 3. Yeah, Momoko, or Kano anyone really. The group has been kind of sliding down (imo) because it’s no a proper group. It really doesn’t work with only two, has to be three.

    In regards to 4. I so want Yui to come back. The three of them had a chemistry that none of the other can match. But, I do not think she will come back even if BM does return. I also think her health reason was that she got pregnant and is now a mom of a 4 yr old. She was 18 when she left. I mean, whats keeps an 18 yr old away form a multi-millon dollar group? Hmmm…cancer? ALS? I seriously doubt it. Either she got pregnant or she was kicked out. Maybe she slept with Sue’s boyfriend and got pregnant? That would do it! But we will never know.

    In regards to 5. I hope they do something like that. Maybe Yui will be back and play the drums, Moa plays guitar and Sue plays bass and sings. 🙂

      brian · February 16, 2022 at 8:03 AM

      well you would both be wrong as they are class as legends in japan as no other band in japan has made it big all over the world babymetal has as for the hold one think it to teacher people that we can all live in peace so 10 years and more for the girls in front off cam’s and i think they can take a break yui i hear she was having alot off ear problems that were making it hard to do anythink when you cant hear. i hope they come back as the three were great but i can understand if they dont.
      only the foxgod knows right lol

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