Today the “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS” Exhibition Museum has opened at HMV’s Store in Shibuya, Tokyo. These exhibitions are to promote BABYMETAL’s 10th Anniversary and the release of the “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS” book. In commemoration of the opening, they held 2 events with KOBAMETAL, who answered some questions from the media and fans

Sadly, the exhibition and the KOBAMETAL Q&A did not permit any recording or photography, but we could get some info from various media who were allowed to share snippets and some pictures from inside.

KOBAMETAL mentioned that the procedes from his personal book “I Love You Like Steel (Metal) – Life is 90% Solved by Metal”, which releases on September 29th will go towards BABYMETAL’s future activities: “I won’t take a single yen. I want to be able to use it for Babymetal’s next activities and for Babymetal’s sake.” When asked what these activities might be, it comes to little surprise what he replied: “I’d like to know, too. “Only The FOX GOD Knows”. If you know anything about it, please let me know. I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen.”

The exhibition includes an area outside which is mostly merch (where fans can take pictures), and an inside area where it is more like a museum, showing the history of BABYMETAL. They play BABYMETAL music over the speakers, and even have the latest outfits, used at the “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” on display.

More info and pictures below.

Table of Contents


Ticket Price: ¥1,000

Two exhibitions:

  • HMV & Books Shibuya (6F) in Tokyo from Saturday, September 4th to Thursday, September 23rd
  • HMV & Books Shinsaibashi (OPA 8F) in Osaka from Friday, October 1st to Sunday, October 10th


  • Exhibition focusing on live activities from the formation of BABYMETAL to the 10 performances at Budokan in 2021
  • Sound effects by directional speakers
  • Exhibition of their latest costumes
  • Bonus sticker to any visitor. There are 2 versions (very slightly different), one for all, and another exclusively for THE ONE members who show their THE ONE ID.


  • “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS – EXHIBITION – ” Jacket Badge Collection (19 types in total, random): ¥550 (tax included)
  • “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS – EXHIBITION – ” Jacket Sticker Collection (19 types in total, random): ¥550 (tax included)
  • “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS – EXHIBITION – ” TEE (M, L, or XL): ¥3,700 (tax included)
  • “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS – EXHIBITION – ” Tote: ¥2,200 (tax included)
  • “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS – EXHIBITION – ” Framed Metal Poster: ¥22,000 (tax included)
  • “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS – EXHIBITION – ” Pail Can: ¥9,900 (tax included)


Ticket and Sticker

KOBAMETAL Event postcard:



The Q&A was shared by multiple media outlets and some fans, all in Japanese. Here are some (machine) translations, curtesy from some fans. Here are some of the key bits of info:

  • KOBAMETAL appealed for his new essay “I Love You Like Steel (Metal) – Life is 90% Solved by Metal”, to be released on September 29th. “I hope fans will pick up a copy of the book. I won’t take a single yen. I hope to be able to use the proceeds for Babymetal’s next activities. For the sake of the members and the next metal, we ask for your cooperation”
  • He also confessed his feelings for the members who had shared his hardships. “It’s like a miracle in a comic book, climbing one high mountain and then the next.” He praised the project, saying, “There was a lot of personal growth as they headed for the next mountain, and they approached the project with sincerity, without being overwhelmed by the mountain they climbed.”
  • When asked if the members had read the book, he replied, “I don’t think they have yet, and probably not much …… (laughs). Are they interested in it? I think they don’t really look back at their own works that much, because they are the type of people who always overwrite new things. As for Babymetal’s activities now that the “LEGEND”‘s are sealed, he said: “That’s on my mind too. We have that phrase ‘only the fox god knows’ because Babymetal is ruled by the Fox God. But I do have hope.”
  • KOBAMETAL commented on the reason for publishing “10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS”: “I was asked to write this book as part of the 10th anniversary year project that we’ve been working on since October 2020, and I wanted to publish it in the form of a summary of the 10th anniversary. As for the contents of the book, “BABYMETAL has been using the word ‘LEGEND’ for their live performances since the early days of their activities; BABYMETAL is an existence that lives in their live performances, and their activities are like their live performances. The word “LEGEND” means “legend” in Japanese, but since “LEGEND” means “live”, we decided to focus on their live performances,” he explained.

Here are some compiled by a fan:

  • What has made you the happiest in the past 10 years? There have been many LEGENDs, but being able to celebrate the 10th anniversary with all of you was probably the happiest thing for me.
  • He did not answer questions about the members directly, such as “How did you select the Avengers?” or “What do you feel is the talent of the members?
  • “I’ve never recommended anything to the members to listen to.”
  • “The songs are like my children, so I can’t pick a favorite one.”
  • “The most memorable live performances for me are 2017 Hiroshima, 2020 Makuhari, and 2021 Budokan.”
  • “I want you all to talk about the LEGEND so far.”

“10 BABYMETAL LEGENDS” Publication Commemorative Event

Event where KOBAMETAL will appear and answer some questions (separately ticketed event).

Date and time: Saturday, September 4th at 1 PM and 3 PM

Announcement info


Scary Bury · September 7, 2021 at 9:04 AM

I can not wait to go to this exhibit.

    BABYMETAL News · September 9, 2021 at 9:38 AM

    Good luck! Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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