BABYMETAL and ESP have collaborated 2 times in the past, to make a 6 string guitar (Mini-Arrow BABYMETAL) and a 7 string guitar (ESP E-II Arrow-7) in 2016 during the METAL RESISTANCE tour, and to make a 7 string guitar (BABYMETAL MF-7 MINI) and 9 string guitar (E-II MF-9 BABYMETAL) in 2019 for the METAL GALAXY tour.

This time around they are selling accessories for guitars, including a strap with 2 designs, a cleaning cloth, and a guitar pick.

Do note that both previous times BABYMETAL sold guitars, they did come with BABYMETAL picks, the first time with the regular BABYMETAL logo and the EPISODE 4 logo, and the second time with the METAL GALAXY artwork. This one comes with the “10 BABYMETAL YEARS” logo on one side.

All items release on September 9th at music stores in Japan and are scheduled to start shipping at the end of September. They also have a limited time production until October 10th

ESP×BABYMETAL Collaboration Strap

The straps come in 2 designs, with the “10 BABYMETAL YEARS” logo and with the 10 EPISODE logos.

Description: the main body of the strap is made of Terylene®, a polyester-based synthetic fiber, which is strong enough yet flexible and pleasant to the touch. The ends are made of genuine leather and reinforced with stitches to ensure strength. By rearranging the end part, it can be used as a strap for bags.

Suggested Retail Price: ¥4,400 (with tax)


  • Material Body: Terylene®, Ends: Genuine leather
  • Maximum length: 148cm (hole to hole)
  • Part number ES-S-BM10(BM logo Ver.), ES-S-BM-MC(Magic Circle Ver.)
  • JAN 4515303527971(BM), 4515303527988(MC)


This is a strap with the “10 BABYMETAL YEARS” logo, printed all over the front and back.


This is a strap with the EPISODE’s that have appeared so far, printed all over the front and back.

ESP×BABYMETAL Collaboration Cleaning Cloth (ESP CL-BM10)

Description: this is a cleaning cloth made of microfiber with full surface print of the image of BABYMETAL “10 BABYMETAL YEARS” on the front and back. It is soft and silky to the touch and wipes off dirt and sebum without damaging the object. It can be used not only for musical instruments but also for TVs, smartphones, glasses, etc. It can also be placed between strings and necks, and wrapped around strings and necks to protect fingerboards.

Suggested Retail Price: ¥1,650 (with tax)


  • Part Number CL-BM10
  • Material 2001S (80% polyester, 20% nylon)
  • Size 200mm(W)×600mm(H)
  • JAN 4515303527995

ESP×BABYMETAL Collaboration Guitar Pick (ESP PA-BM10)

Description: this is a pick with the image of BABYMETAL “10 BABYMETAL YEAR” printed by full color UV inkjet.

Suggested Retail Price: ¥220 (with tax)


  • Part number PA-BM10
  • Material Hard vinyl chloride
  • Thickness 1.0mm
  • JAN 4515303527926



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