November 26 Update: Added extra info on MF-7 Mini, plus new pictures with the girls.

BABYMETAL and ESP announced 2 new guitars (and some guitar picks), the same model as the ones the girls had on Young Guitar (but different variant). This is not the first set, as they had released 2 guitars in 2016 (the girls holding the mini variant) as well. And just like in that case, there is a full size guitar and another mini guitar. The full sized will be sold at guitar stores, while the mini guitar (and picks) are only sold to THE ONE members via A!Smart. Full information and pictures below.


  • Long scale 9 string guitar with serial number
  • Hard guitar case with BABYMETAL logo
  • A5 size Certificate of authenticity with autograph replica print from SU-METAL and MOAMETAL

Price: ¥320,000 + tax ($2,925 USD + tax)
Orders taken: Nov 8th, 2019 – Oct 31st, 2020
Full details (more images as well)


  • 89% scale 7 string guitar
  • Original guitar case
  • Original guitar strap
  • Original guitar picks
  • Certificate of authenticity with autograph replica print from SU-METAL and MOAMETAL

Price: ¥79,970 ($733 USD)

Orders taken: Dec 1st, 2019 at 12PM – Dec 20th, 2019 at 12PM (Japan Time)
Ships: From late May 2020 to early June 2020

A!Smart purchase link (includes full info and specifications)

Original Guitar picks【THE ONE Exclusive】

Price: ¥500 + tax ($5 USD + tax)

  • Same guitar picks that are included with BABYMETAL MF-7 MINI

Info on ESP page (translated by Google Translate):

The collaboration model between ESP and BABYMETAL, which has been very popular, and the long-awaited E-II MF-9 BABYMETAL will be released.

Up to now, 9-string guitars have been produced at Exhibition Limited, but isn’t it the first time in the world to commercialize a collaboration model with an artist? A graphic with the motif of the jacket of the latest album “METAL GALAXY” is printed on the front of the body, and the BABYMETAL logo, which is a proof of collaboration, and a dedicated number for this model are included in the head back. This album “METAL GALAXY” features 9-string guitars and will be an essential item to fully reproduce those songs.

The body of the M series shape is alder, the neck is hard maple 3P, and the neck width is wide, so there are 2 truss rods for correction. The neck is jointed to the body with a bolt-on system. The joint part is a smooth finished ERGO joint, and playability on the high frets is not impaired. The fingerboard is a black-colored perfellow, and the top and side position marks use Luminlay, a phosphorescent material, which improves visibility in dark places. To ensure the tension of the 9th string, the scale is 711mm (28 inches). The peg is a lock-type GOTOH MG-T, the bridge is a HIPSHOT fixed type, and the pickup is an EMG 909. The control is only a simple volume.


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