Links to purchase it. Audio is available worldwide digitally and via streaming platforms.

It debuted at #2 on the daily blu-ray chart for Tuesday 8th, and got the 3rd position for the daily DVD chart. As for the album daily chart, Day 2 ranked 6th and Day 1 ranked 7th.

On the weekly rankings, the blu-ray ranked #3 with 26.556 sales, while the DVD was at #2 with 5.644 sales. The albums were themselves #9 [Day 1] with 5.231 sales and #10 [Day 2] with 5.223 sales.

Combined, the blu-ray and DVD sold over 32.000 units. This is higher than the 2 previous general releases of The Forum (23.000+, May 2020) and LEGEND S (23.000+, August 2018). However, it fell short of the 2 before that, Wembley (36.000+, December 2016) and Tokyo Dome (37.000+, April 2017).

It is important to note that there are differences in how/when these were sold that may affect sales:

  • For The Forum and LEGEND – METAL GALAXY there is a pandemic with strict rules in some areas.
  • LEGEND S, Wembley, and Tokyo Dome had digital worldwide releases. International sales aren’t counted by Oricon either way, but some Japanese fans may have opted for digital rather than physical.
  • Wembley and LEGEND – METAL GALAXY had a CD release, while the rest only had them included in THE ONE versions.
  • It appears that for Wembley and Tokyo Dome, THE ONE editions may not have counted as they released before the cut-off date, but that’s not confirmed.

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