METAL GALAXY has charted higher than any previous BABYMETAL album in most locations, though has fallen behind in some (UK, Australia, France, Netherlands, etc.).

The most important of those being their homeland of Japan (where most of their sales come from), they have charted lower (#3 vs. METAL RESISTANCE’s #2) with half the sales (73,096 vs. 153,198). Sadly, we can’t make an accurate comparison for 2 big reasons: for one, even though Japan still loves it’s physical media, just like every other country, sales have gone down these past few years; secondly, the typhoon that hit Japan (the 2 populous areas of Nagoya and Tokyo) right on release weekend likely lowered sales.

The big rise in positions in the United States is (other than other factors) also because of the bundling of free CD’s with tickets on their tour. They charted #13 on Billboard, but in terms of album sales, they were #2 with 27,000 sales (METAL RESISTANCE had sold 12,240). Either way, it is an amazing chart position for an Asian band that plays Metal and doesn’t sing in English, especially when you consider they broke the 50+ year old record as the top charting Japanese album held by Kyu Sakamoto (#14). Here is an article from Billboard themselves: BABYMETAL Becomes First Asian Act to Rule Top Rock Albums Chart.

For comparison, some of the charting will have the METAL RESISTANCE charting in between brackets (), and BABYMETAL in between these brackets [].

Thanks to /u/aertyar on Reddit for putting most of this together.

First week


United States:

United Kingdom:








New Zealand:



Weeks after


Other chartings:


You can check the METAL RESISTANCE chartings here, and the BABYMETAL ones here.


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