Update: Moved the breakdown portion of this post here now that they announced the setlist and covers. This is only the announcement news now (outdated now). You can see the original post here.

They announced it at the end of their Yokohama show.

There will be exclusive song/s for Japan again, but none mentioned for the international versions. No track list given, only PA PA YA!! has been named as included. We got information on the tracklist plus artwork about a month or so before Metal Resistance released.

All the options are physical editions, so far.

Prices vary depending on store, so check which is best for you.

Let’s break all of the editions down:

International versions:

CD1 CD$14/€12/£10 + tax
Vinyl2 Vinyl$30/€23/£20 + tax
Transparent Vinyl (limited edition)2 Vinyl$32/€28/£25 + tax

They all come with the “basic” cover.

The Transparent Vinyl is only available at the BABYMETAL official store (US or EU/UK).

The EU/UK store vinyls come with a download code as well, the US store ones do not. Additionally, the EU/UK store says the vinyl is 180g Gatefold, nothing mentioned on the US store. The Australian store lists it as 12″.

Japanese versions (all named “Japan complete edition”):

VersionIncludedCoverDVD contentPrice
Normal edition2 CD’sBasic¥3500 + tax
Vinyl2 VinylBasic¥5000 + tax
First press (limited edition)2 CD’s + DVDTBDMV’s¥4200 + tax
SUN version (limited edition)2 CD’s + analog size jacketTBD¥4500 + tax
MOON version (limited edition)2 CD’s + analog size jacketTBD¥4500 + tax
THE ONE (limited edition)2 CD’s + DVDTBDShow TBD¥9000 + tax

All of them come with 16 songs. The 1st CD is the same as the international version, but the 2nd one comes with bonus songs. They don’t say how many.

The cover/artwork for the Normal edition and vinyl is the “basic” one (same for all the international ones), the first press, SUN, MOON, and THE ONE editions will all have unique covers. With that said, many stores use the new BABYMETAL profile image as the placeholder for those albums.

All pre-orders made before August 18th at 11:59PM (Japan time) include a lenticular post card. THE ONE limited edition is not included.

THE ONE version pre-order period is up till July 31st at 12PM (Japan time). It is only available on A!Smart, and only to THE ONE members (guide on how to become one and what the membership includes).

On top of all this… as always, many stores in Japan offer their own bonuses. THE ONE version doesn’t come with any. I added the Amazon (no bonus) links because in the past they were cheaper. They aren’t so far, but maybe later they will be…

The announcement came with this:

We’re excited to announce BABYMETAL’s 3rd album ‘METAL GALAXY’ !!

The album’s main theme is that BABYMETAL are on an odyssey to the METAL GALAXY and a different variety of songs are packed within the album. We are on an odyssey to the METAL GALAXY.

Welcome to the world of BABYMETAL!!

The new songs they have played since the released of Metal Resistance:

  1. In The Name Of [December 2017 – LEGEND S]
  2. Distortion [May 2018 – Single]
  3. Elevator Girl [May 2018 – Kansas City]
  4. Kagerou (previously, Tattoo) [May 2018 – Kansas City]
  5. Starlight [October 2018 – Single]
  6. PA PA YA!! [June 2019 – Single]
  7. “Shanti” [June 2019 – Yokohama Arena]
  8. “Arcadia” [June 2019 – Yokohama Arena]
  9. “The Shining” [July 2019 – LEGEND M]



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