Another June, another Amuse shareholders meeting. This time apart from general questions and ones relating specifically to BABYMETAL, there were also questions about Amuse’s latest company division, Kulture, who is managed by KOBAMETAL.

For those wondering, this time there weren’t any questions about Yui, unlike previous years. Though she continues to remain under contract with Amuse.

Regarding the specific questions, one that was asked a couple of times was regarding BABYMETAL’s lack of performances, and when they will come back to perform a live show. They said that KOBAMETAL is aware of social media feedback and will take it into account, but that future activities have not been decided yet, and will be shared on the website whenever something has to be announced.

When asked about Kulture, they remained vague over what specific projects they will undertake, but they did reiterate its objetive to integrate new technologies, as well as the metaverse, blockchain and NFT’s. A question was also made about KOBAMETAL’s inclusion regarding how he will split his time between this and BABYMETAL. The reply was that KOBAMETAL will continue to manage BABYMETAL but he was brought over to manage this part of the company as he is the most knowledgable in regards to the objetives of the company.

Below are the full question and answers relating to BABYMETAL and/or Kulture, translated with Deep L:

Q2: Porno (Graffiti) and Perfume have recently held real live shows, but we would like to see BABYMETAL hold a real live show, even if it is not right away. (audience applause)

A2: We are working on a digital expansion for fan clubs but have not yet decided on future activities. We will announce on the website as soon as a decision is made.
The artists, including the manager, are aware of the feedback on SNS. We will consider it as a driving force for our activities. Please wait a little longer for more information.

Q4: I am a #Onipanz! I am a fan of #Onipans! I am looking forward to the live concert that will be held after the AGM for the first time in 3 years.

As part of IP development, AOI Pro, Amuse, and Origamix are launching the “AAO Project”. What will be the relationship between this project and the new company Kulture?

A4: AAO Project is developing 40 films. One of them is #Onipanz!
This is an activity that focuses on incorporating with other companies by utilizing our human network.
We will consider activities that can be synergistic with not only Amuse’s IP, but also with various other things within artists and culture.
AAO Project and Kulture are closely related.

Q5: About the technology sector and the new company Kulture. What is the enthusiasm of the person in charge for the future?

A5: The new company, Kulture, aims to create an emotional experience by fusing entertainment and technology. The entertainment business has undergone tremendous change over the past few years. We will turn the new trends into opportunities. We have nothing to announce here, but we are considering various projects. We will do our best to meet your expectations.

Q7: I think it’s very important to note that the fan club’s income has decreased, although it was passed off as a quick story. My wife has been a #pornograffitti lover (fan club member) for 20 years and she says “I think I should quit (love up!)” and “I don’t feel Amuse’s attitude toward fans”.

Q7-2: There is currently a demonstration (by #HarumaMiura) outside the venue of the AGM. The venue is also more modest than last year. It is unfortunate that the story of the decrease in fan club income is being skimmed over under these circumstances. I would like the information to be sent out in a way that is closer to the fans’ point of view. Many things are causing fans to drift away from the show.

A7: The decrease in fan club income is due to a change in the accounting method (to international accounting standards). We regret that we have caused such a feeling. Artists truly care about their fans. We will take the current opinions seriously and consider how to operate the fan club in a way that will please them more so that they do not feel that way.

Q8: I am a fan of BABYMETAL. I am concerned about the inclusion of the producer Mr. Kobametal in the new company Kulture. I am concerned that if Mr. Kobametal, the brains behind BABYMETAL, joins a company whose main business is not real, real live performances will be far away.

A8-1: Kulture’s future plans are not completely set at this time. Utilizing him will be a part of BABYMETAL’s future activities. Kobametal is the most knowledgeable person in the company about NFT, Metaverse, and blockchain technology, including selling NFT at BABYMETAL.

A8-2: I hope that he will be able to demonstrate his abilities in Kulture without regret. I think he himself will think about the development of BABYMETAL in the future, but first of all, he joined the board to help various artists with versatile items with Kobametal’s knowledge and Kobayashi’s knowledge (rephrased).

Q9: I agree with the new project in the future. But we need funds. Will internal funds be sufficient? What are the prospects for fundraising?

A9: We understand that you are concerned about the status of funds and investments. There are several things that require funds, such as the new company Kulture, the adventure business, and capital investment in the new headquarters. Currently, we have no shortage of funds in terms of retained cash and medium- to long-term capital needs. Currently, there is nothing to worry about.



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