METAL HAMMER JAPAN shared a tweet with several possible covers for the next issue, where it can be seen that BABYMETAL will be included.

Given that the article shares almost the same title, “10 YEARS OF BABYMETAL [in the UK]”, it’s probably just gonna be a translation from the article in Metal Hammer UK issue 349 (July 2021) (the one with SU-METAL and MOAMETAL on the cover), as they’ve done that a few times now.


The other day, BABYMETAL was “sealed” from 10 years of “LEGEND” shows on October 10 by a sign from the FOX GOD, and their second home is the UK where they held epoch-making shows such as “Wembley” and “Sonisphere”. How did their 10 years look like there? From top metal musicians such as Rob Halford to people involved in the UK label and festival management, this is the story of BABYMETAL’s activities and true value seen from a different perspective from that of us Japanese.

Special Interview
Rob Halford
Herman Li

Release Date: September 15th, 2021
Content: article “10 YEARS OF BABYMETAL in the UK”
Language: Japanese


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