BABYMETAL has announced their participation of the Tower Records “MUSIC CROSS AID GOODS FESTIVAL”, which will be held at Abeno Hoop & Shibuya stores. This is essentially a “merch festival”, there will be merch stands with merchandise from several artists, like people would find at a festival.

All of the merch has been previously sold, so there will not be anything new here. In the case of BABYMETAL they are selling some merch from the “10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN” shows, the tee, face towel, shopping bag, and bracelet.

A part of the proceeds will be donated to “Music Cross Aid“, a fund to support live music entertainment workers.

Tower Records’ “NO MUSIC, NO LIFE. sticker” will be given as a special gift for purchases of 2,000 yen or more including tax at the venue.

Where & When:
– [Osaka] Tower Records Abeno Hoop Store (Space ABENO) from June 14th (Mon.) – June 30th (Wed.)
– [Tokyo] Tower Records Shibuya Store (2F Event Space) from July 8 (Thu) – July 25 (Sun
Admission Cost: Free

The participating artists are:

amazarashi、ayutthaya、アルカラ、[Alexandros]、WEAVER、ウルトラ寿司ふぁいやー、AGE FACTORY、ACE COLLECTION、odol、折坂悠太、KANA-BOON、神はサイコロを振らない、KEYTALK、銀杏BOYZ、Crispy Camera Club、GRAPEVINE、Keishi Tanaka、go!go!vanillas 、寿君 、the telephones、The Birthday、The fin.、THE BAWDIES、Saucy Dog、サカナクション、阪本奨悟、さくら学院、Suchmos、THE ORAL CIGARETTES、the shes gone、ジェニーハイ、SHISHAMO、スキマスイッチ、Skoop On Somebody、SPiCYSOL、そこに鳴る、高槻かなこ、竹原ピストル、chelmico、ちゃんみな、teto、DENIMS、DEPAPEPE、Tempalay、TOTALFAT、TRI4TH、中村佳穂、Nulbarich、橋爪もも、秦基博、Panorama Panama Town、Perfume、BEGIN、BIGMAMA、FIVE NEW OLD、藤原さくら、flumpool、フレデリック、FLOW、BABYMETAL、Helsinki Lambda Club、Bentham、bonobos、牧野由依、三阪咲、MONO NO AWARE、モン吉、YAJICO GIRL、山崎まさよし、ユアネス、ユレニワ、ヨルシカ、LITE、LAMP IN TERREN、@onefive



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