It will always be up for debate what period BABYMETAL was the most successful in, but it’s hard to argue that any week other than this one in 2016 was BABYMETAL’s most successful overall.

It started off with the release of their best selling album, METAL RESISTANCE, and was followed by the very first FOX DAY. 1 day later they became the very first Japanese artist to perform at the historic Wembley Arena in London. And just 2 days after that they were in New York doing a Twitch Q&A livestream and performing at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, quite possibly the single most important event for BABYMETAL in terms of brand awareness. And all this happened with the release of several magazines, interviews, videos, and merchandise (of course!).

Below I share more info regarding each event, with pictures, videos, and more.

March 28th – METAL RESISTANCE Japan Release

It started with the customary midnight event at Tower Records. BABYMETAL themselves were not there, but as with other releases, they at least sent a video.

They also had displays at several Tower Records across Japan. Some pictures are below:

April 1st – First FOX DAY and Worldwide METAL RESISTANCE Release

April 1st 2016 was the first FOX DAY. It included the worldwide release of METAL RESISTANCE as well as the announcement that Tokyo Dome would take place on September 19th (it wasn’t until months later that they announced BLACK NIGHT).

You can read more about the history of FOX DAY in this post.

April 2nd – Performing at Wembley Arena

This was their first arena show outside Japan. It was announced well ahead of time (over 7 months before) to give it plenty of time to fill up. It was also BABYMETAL’s longest show at the time, with 17 songs and almost 1 hour 45 minutes long, only surpassed later by both LEGEND S performances.

They broke the record for most merch sold.

The show is still sold physically and digitally worldwide.

While in London they also filmed other videos and did some more interviews.

April 4th – Colbert & Twitch Q&A

In New York they did not stop. They did a Twitch stream Q&A with fans:

Full stream:

And after they went to The Late Show to perform on US TV (it was pre-recorded):


The band leaving the studio:

Fine Bros Video

That was not all, they were also in the US to film with the Fine Bros “BABYMETAL REACTS TO YOUTUBERS REACT TO BABYMETAL”.

It released later that month:

Magazine, Interviews, Videos, and More

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They did much much more! But I would spend weeks here sharing it all 😀

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