To celebrate the release of the BEST ALBUM, BABYMETAL have opened a temporary Twitter account “Bone Store Manager (BMD FOX RECORDS official)”.

The “Bone Store Manager”, the same one that appears on BABYMETAL’s merch program “BABYNET DA DA DA”, is recommending “3 kinds of bone tools” to become a BABYMETAL advertising manager, which you can read about below.

Those that tweet using the hashtag “#BABYMETAL宣伝部長” will get a “bone seal (heart mark)” from the bone store manager.

This also coincides with LAUNCH CELEBRATION DAY to be held the weekend of release of the BEST ALBUM.

Likewise, the apron is now back in stock, as is the BMD Fox Records bag, though it is not exactly the same as it was sold a few months ago. They may also be hinting at the next product, a backpack?

3 Bone Tools

❶Apron & Name Tag

These are the formal attire for BABYMETAL’s advertising manager. You can write your METAL name on the name tag!

Purchase apron here

❷SNS Icon and Real “Bone Mask”

Transform yourself from your temporary form to your true bone form! You can become a BABYMETAL advertising manager!

By superimposing the bone mask icon (which you can get here) on your face photo, you can transform yourself from a temporary figure to a real bone figure!
Set the bone face icon on your profile and promote “10 BABYMETAL YEARS” as a “BABYMETAL advertising manager”!

Also, on 12/26 (Sat.), the Bone Face Manager will visit 10 Tower Records stores in Japan on LAUNCH CELEBRATION DAY! On Saturday, December 26, the manager will visit 10 Tower Records stores across Japan for a “crowning ceremony” where he will present you with a real “bone-face” mask, which is a sign that he is the head of the advertising department.

Bone masks will be distributed free of charge. The event will end as soon as they run out. Limited to one per person.

Bone Store Manager’s visiting time / target stores
Saturday, December 26th

11:00 – Tower Records Hiroshima Store
12:00 – Tower Records Yokohama Bible Store
13:00 – Tower Records Fukuoka Parco
14:00 – Tower Records Umeda NU Chayamachi Store
15:00 – Tower Records Shinjuku Store
16:00 – Tower Records Nagoya Parco
17:00 – Tower Records Sapporo Pivo
18:00 – Tower Records Nagoya Kintetsu Pass’e
19:00 – Tower Records Osaka Umeda Maru Building
20:00 – Tower Records Shibuya Store

The number of bone masks is limited and will end as soon as they are gone.
Bone masks will be distributed at each store after the arrival of the manager. Bone masks will be distributed at the lottery site of each store’s in-store DAY specials even after the manager has left.

❸”10 BABYMETAL YEARS” Original Bone POP

Write your “recommendation” about “10 BABYMETAL YEARS” and tweet it with “#BABYMETAL advertising manager”!

Download the bone POP form and make your original “10 BABYMETAL YEARS” bone POP!
Catchphrase, illustration, collage, whatever you like!
Tweet with “#BABYMETAL宣伝部長” to promote your work and get a “bone seal (heart mark)” from the bone store manager!

Example from a fan:



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