This Friday, December 4th at 21:00 (Japan time) the BABYMETAL teleshop program “BABYNET DA DA DA” will stream it’s 3rd show.

They have given us some information so we can know what it’s about beforehand. Firstly, SU-METAL and MOAMETAL will not appear. As for what merch they might sell, the picture reveals a few things:

  • A pet bowl
  • A pet leash (for the pet collar already sold this year)
  • BABYBONES outfits for kids

Press Release:

There are no plans for BABYMETAL members to appear.

This time, we have prepared special items under the theme of “My Beloved Baby Goods”.
Don’t miss the soothing “My Love Baby Goods”!

The URL of the online shop will be announced during the program delivery.



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