Update: Sold out almost instantly after going on sale

To celebrate the release of the BxMxC MV, they are selling a limited edition vinyl and T-shirt. You can get info on the vinyl and MV here. As for the T-shirt, it’s only available on A!Smart to THE ONE members.

THE ONE Guide for those wondering what it is and how to become a member.

  • THE ONE members only
  • Only on A!Smart
  • ¥3,700 (with tax)
  • TEE sizes: S/M/L/XL/XXL
  • Pre-orders start Friday, October 9th (Today) at 21:00 hs. / 9 PM (Japan time)
  • Ships December 9th
  • 1 per member

Purchase Link

T-shirt artist, Toshihiro Egawa:



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