As speculated earlier today, the BxMxC Music Video has released, and it’s not a live video, it’s a “proper” Music video!

This is the first non-live MV since Starlight and Distortion in 2018, and the first one to primarily feature the main BABYMETAL members since KARATE in early 2016.

On top of this, it will be releasing worldwide digitally and via streaming (as posted before). And finally they will also be selling a limited edition vinyl (only in Japan).

From the press release it seems that the good reception of the song worldwide has helped make this possible.

Full info and links below

Music Video

The video shows the girls in 3 battles of a tournament, ending up as the champions.

The sign “The Tenkaichi Metal Budokai” is almost the same to the 2015 BABYMETAL show in Makuhari Messe called “Kyodai Tenkaichi Metaru Budokai”.

Vinyl Release

CD Japan – A!SmartAmazon Japan

  • Only sold in Japan (with international shipping)
  • Limited release
  • Price: ¥1800 MSRP
  • Releases December 9th


  • SIDE-A: BxMxC


Release statement:

3rd ALBUM “METAL GALAXY” Recorded only in the Japanese edition, and although the sound source has not been released overseas, “BxMxC”, which was shown at “METAL GALAXY WORLD TOUR” and has been well received, is released as an independent analog!

SIDE-A is a recut sound source from 3rd ALBUM “METAL GALAXY”, SIDE-B is a live sound source from the live “LEGEND – METAL GALAXY” at Makuhari Messe held in January this year, 12inch / 45rpm It is an analog board that emphasizes sound quality.



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