Last month Toki and Ohmura announced the launch of the “Fresh Fujioka” delivery service. Fresh Fujioka is a store managed by Mikio’s parents, sister, and wife.

Toki and Ohmura at the Fresh Fujioka store ahead of the My Little God show “The Hill of Wisteria” performed in 2019 on Mikio’s birthday, just over a year after his death.

The store only sold locally, but with the help of Mikio’s friends and colleagues, they have now setup an Instagram account and a website and online delivery service, which allows them to sell all across Japan. Toki actually requested help from fans to get it all setup.

The idea behind this collaborative effort came from the fact that they were not selling enough to keep the store open. A big reason for this is that the location of the store, Awaji Island, is not close to other large city centers or on any of the bullet train lines, which bring lots of customers. All of this meant that when the pandemic arrived, even fewer people travelled to the island, leading to far less buyers.

You can read the full message Toki sent translated here. He even goes on to mention that Mikio’s first daughter just started middle school on the island and his second daughter is also growing nicely and healthy.

Those of us that live overseas can’t really buy any of the food, but we can buy T-shirts and DVD’s from the “My Little God” collection, which goes to Mikio. See links at the bottom of this post.

Clear File Image

Speaking of that, some of the products sold at the new store even come with a “My Little God” clear file (folder).

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Baris Yukselen · March 10, 2022 at 9:06 AM

Hi folks.
I came across BM about 2 weeks ago. I am a huge heavymetal fan. And i do like “The only wave of Kuwai Meatl”.

I feel really sad for the unexpected absence of Mikio.

One can easily see how a good person being Mikio is just by looking at his face only for a second. So… I do want to help his family But i can’t order anything since i live in Istanbul City(Turkey).

Do you have any other options for supporting the family?
A patrion account should do the job i guess.

I send you peace.!

    BABYMETAL News · March 13, 2022 at 6:21 AM

    Sadly this was a discussion between an overseas fan and Toki, but it didn’t get made (I forgot the specifics). The only other option currently available is to buy one of the memorial DVD’s (see at the bottom of this post) with delivery via Tenso. It is a hassle, but that way they will get money (plus you get some good content to enjoy).

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