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Sadly this is not a happy anniversary, unlike all the others I post, but it is one I’d like to continue in memory of this amazing musician, teacher, husband, father, friend, and person, who touched many peoples hearts through his music. Although he is no longer with us, I hope that his music can continue to inspire people 🙂

On January 19th (Mikio’s birthday) another “My Little God” memorial show will be held. Here is all the information. There was going to be an additional event the day before with an audience, but due to unexpected trouble, they have decided only stream it (which could be good for the international audience especially!).

Who was Mikio Fujioka?

Mikio Fujioka was one of the “main” 4/5 members of BABYMETAL’s Kami Band, one of the guitarists. He still is in the top 4 Kami’s by amount of shows comfortably, with 130 BM shows.

He was a married man, and a loving father of 2 girls. In 2016 his eldest daughter was moved by the community showing love for Mikio, and again in mid-2018 with notes from fans after his passing.

He, like all the other Kami’s, had other projects outside BABYMETAL. Many BM fans followed him in all his projects, like TRICK BOX, his clases given in person but also in magazines, and the most notable of them (for BM fans) was the Kari Band (translation: Temporary Band), who’s members were him, BOH, and Yuya Maeta (a previous Kami Band drummer). Here is their YouTube, and here their EP on Spotify. Their 2nd EP, with influences from Mikio, will be released this month. Links to purchase that oneLink to promotion tour.


On December 28th, 2017, while stargazing, he fell and was hospitalized. He passed away on January 5th, 2018, at the age of 36. They held a funeral in private for friends and family, and later, on January 9th, we were all informed of his passing. First by his official account (managed by his wife), and then by all his friends, colleagues, publications, and even BABYMETAL.

Messages from the Kami Band


The day of Dr. Fujioka’s death.

I’m just about to call you.

Let’s find the time and take it to Awaji Island when the second piece of the temporary BAND is announced.
I want to drink with you after a long time. 🍺

Tweet 1

Whenever Fujioka sensei stands on the stage,

“Cuuuuuuute ❤️”

There is a voice saying.

with all my might that

BOH “It’s so cute! He’s an old man! He’s older than me \ (B`o´H) /”

I liked this exchange 😆

Sensei, I’m going to be an old man this year (´・Д・)」

Tweet 2


I was planning on bangging my hair on my birthday morning on December 26th last year, but since I might do the style of the bang seen in C4, I would like to enjoy my long hair until the end of Fujioka’s birthday performance on January 19th, 🎸 ॣ川ʘДʘ川 ॣ🎸

Tweet 1

Let’s polish it so that the shine increases further today. 💫
Let’s play it all night. 🎸
Let’s smoke. 🚬
Let’s have a beer. 🍻
Let’s all talk about Fujioka-san. ☺️

Tweet 2

I went to eat Fujioka’s favorite tonkatsu with TOKI-san, Kuze-san and Shoyo-chan. 🐖 A story 🚬🍺 that soaks cigarettes and beer once a year into your body

Fujioka’s birthday live “My Little God at Shinjuku ReNY” is two weeks away. I would be happy if I could celebrate Fujioka’s birthday with you.

Tweet 3

I visited 🎌ESP Technical House a while ago to greet you in the New Year ☺️

This year, I would like to do the world’s best real setup course at a seminar at a shop where Fujioka-san and my model are left 🎸

Tweet 4

Yusuke Hiraga

It’s been two years now.
There were many times when I felt sad because I suddenly felt that Mikio sensei had gone far away, but in the end I had too many happy memories and I was always naturally warm.

I’ll try to challenge my teacher for the first time in a while tonight. 🎸

It took me a long time to realize, and I regret that I missed expressing my gratitude before I was born.

If I hadn’t taken the lessons from Mikio sensei, there were some fine techniques that would have been delayed a few years later, and now that I think about it, they become the core of my performance without omission.
Thank you very much.


Messages from other collegues

Motoki Mike Sagawa

Mikio Fujioka

Miss You



I went to eat Fujioka’s favorite tonkatsu with everyone. 😊
But for some reason I ordered chicken cutlet. 💦
The 19th is a very fun birthday, isn’t it? 😊

[Ohmura’s reply] I exchanged it for my tonkatsu, so it’s okay! 🐓🐖



Fujioka-san, I can’t drink alcohol, so it was non-alcoholic, but it was delicious! (^ ♪


Further info/links

His last show was on December 26th (here is a clip, Mikio is off to the left). His last show for BABYMETAL was LEGEND S (December 2nd and 3rd), you can buy it on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Japan, and more places.

Personal YouTube channel

Fan audio recording of the last Kari Band performance in November 2017

Memorial Items

“My Little God” DVD releases (all proceeds go to his family):

My Little God (memorial audio of Mikio): CDJapan – Amazon Japan
My Little God at CLUB CITTA’ KAWASAKI [Audio] (first memorial show on April 23rd, 2018): CDJapan – Amazon Japan
METAL INITIATION (Mikio’s last show with Ohmura’s band): CDJapan – Amazon Japan
The Hill Of Wisteria (Memorial show at Mikio’s hometown on his 2019 birthday): CDJapan – Amazon Japan

The best way to get more money to Mikio’s family is to buy them here. Sadly none ship internationally, so you would have to use a service such as Tenso.


2018/3/30 – Young Guitar’s “99% Mikio Fujioka Special Edition”
2018/11/5 – Shinko Music MOOK’s “Lots of Mikio Fujioka Young Guitar Lessons” (With DVD)

Some others that were released by Shinko Music before but were in high demand after his passing, and some got re-printed:

2016/4/22 – Anyone who has a guitarist :Brain Code Book: Awakening Method (with CD)
2014/7/17 – A guitarist’s rule book (with CD)
2017/2/17 – Ad-lib guitar tiger winding ~ rock & blues edition ~ [preservation version] (with CD)
2016/12/1 – Ad lib guitar tiger volume -all genre- [preservation version] (with CD)
2016/8/5 – Ad lib guitar tiger volume -HR / HM edition- [preservation version] (with CD)
2016/4/22 – Ad lib guitar tiger winding ~ jazz / fusion edition ~ [preservation version] (with CD)
2016/8/5 – Ad lib guitar tiger winding ~ HR / HM ~ [preservation version] (with CD)


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Tom · February 18, 2020 at 9:13 AM

MIss his smiling while he played. The guy LOVED to rock! =)

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