The Kari Band is releasing their 2nd EP, almost 2 years after Mikio’s passing. But, lots of his unfinished work made it into this album. Check out all the details below.

The Kari Band (Temporary Band, in English) is a …. jazz fusion band that was made of 3 current/previous Kami Band members, BOH (bass), Mikio Fujioka (guitar), and Yuya Maeta (drums). They released their original EP in 2017 (for those that haven’t listened yet, it’s available on Spotify – Apple Music/iTunes – Amazon US (Digital) – Amazon Japan – CD Japan). You could also check some of their live shows on their YouTube channel.

Amazon Japan – ¥1,900

Title: 二枚目 [Nimaime]

It could be translated as “Second Piece”, or “Handsome Man”, among other translations.

Release: January 29th


  1. 侍Groove
  2. Bewitching
  3. Dancing Baloney
  4. U-yeah!!!
  5. Cloud Funding
  6. I See You

Track 1 translated means “Samurai Groove”

Guest musicians

Shinya Nishiwaki (Key), Ai Kuwahara (Piano), Atsushi Oka (Guitar), ISAO (Guitar), Yusuke Hiraga (Guitar), Mihiro Enomoto (Sax), Yosuke Kobayashi (Tp) from Carmela, Yuya Tanase (Tb), Saori Hoshino (Violin)

Description (Google Translate)

The new work for the first time in three years is a god sound source where a session with a luxurious guest musician is exploding.

Kari BAND is a session band that is active both in Japan and overseas with the artist’s back musician.
The band name doesn’t come up with a good idea, so it just doesn’t mean anything.
In April 2017, the temporary BAND 1st mini album “Temporary Sound Source -Demo-” was released. Both CDs and distributions contain hits that are popular with music charts.
In January 2018 Mikio Fujioka (guitar) passed away. In 2019 Mikio Fujioka restarted with friends who inherited the direct play.


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