This presents a good opportunity for those going to the LEGEND – METAL GALAXY shows, as it’s the weekend before.

For those unaware, this is a memorial show for one of BABYMETAL’s most prominent guitar Kami Band members, Mikio Fujioka, who passed away on January 5th, 2018 after being in the hospital since December 30, 2017, when he fell from a high observation deck while stargazing. This show is on his 3rd birthday since then.

His last show was with Gacharic Spin and Ohmura Band for Ohmura’s birthday show on December 26th (video they released from the event). His last show with BABYMETAL was LEGEND S, on December 2nd and 3rd.

Multiple memorial shows/DVD’s/Magazines have been released for Mikio, I listed them at the bottom.

Where: Shinjuku ReNY, Tokyo, Japan

When: Sunday, January 19th, 2020
Opening: 16:00 / Start: 16:30 (4:30 PM)

Name: -Mikio Fujioka- Memorial LIVE “My Little God” at Shinjuku ReNY


  • Ohmura Band (with Special Guest SYU from GALNERYUS)
  • C4
  • Gacharic Spin
  • Jupiter



Advance: 5,500 yen
Day of show: 6,000 yen

  • Up to 6 tickets can be purchased per person
  • Must by a 500 yen drink on entry

Available December 1st at:

  • Lawson
  • E+ Ticket
  • All Standing
  • Admission order: A and B tickets are parallel admission
  • Preschoolers and younger are not admitted

Organizer: My Little God
Planning and production: Keasler Japan Limited / Conquest Group
Cooperation: ESP Corporation
Contact: Shinjuku ReNY 03 -5990-5561


Memorial Items

“My Little God” DVD releases (all proceeds go to his family):

My Little God (memorial audio of Mikio): CDJapan – Amazon Japan
My Little God at CLUB CITTA’ KAWASAKI [Audio] (first memorial show on April 23rd, 2018): CDJapan – Amazon Japan
METAL INITIATION (Mikio’s last show with Ohmura’s band): CDJapan – Amazon Japan
The Hill Of Wisteria (Memorial show at Mikio’s hometown on his 2019 birthday): CDJapan – Amazon Japan

The best way to get more money to Mikio’s family is to buy them here. Sadly none ship internationally, so you would have to use a service such as Tenso.


2018/3/30 – Young Guitar’s “99% Mikio Fujioka Special Edition”
2018/11/5 – Shinko Music MOOK’s “Lots of Mikio Fujioka Young Guitar Lessons” (With DVD)

Some others that were released by Shinko Music before but were in high demand after his passing, and some got re-printed:

2016/4/22 – Anyone who has a guitarist :Brain Code Book: Awakening Method (with CD)
2014/7/17 – A guitarist’s rule book (with CD)
2017/2/17 – Ad-lib guitar tiger winding ~ rock & blues edition ~ [preservation version] (with CD)
2016/12/1 – Ad lib guitar tiger volume -all genre- [preservation version] (with CD)
2016/8/5 – Ad lib guitar tiger volume -HR / HM edition- [preservation version] (with CD)
2016/4/22 – Ad lib guitar tiger winding ~ jazz / fusion edition ~ [preservation version] (with CD)
2016/8/5 – Ad lib guitar tiger winding ~ HR / HM ~ [preservation version] (with CD)


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