It will come as a 2 disc DVD set. No purchase link yet.

If everyone who has purchased My Little God works so far could purchase this, it will reach enough money for Mikio’s two daughters to learn without difficulty and to become adults. Thank you in advance.

Toki (C4 member, and organizer of all Mikio memorial events)

As a reminder, this was the tribute show done this year for Mikio’s birthday at Mikio’s hometown, with his family and friends.

For me, it was the best show of my life. It was really good that this show is for the teacher (Mikio). It is a work filled with many thoughts of many people.

Yuya Maeta (BABYMETAL drummer in 2014, current Kari Band member)

Fresh Fujioka is owned by Mikio’s parents. Here is a video of Mikio playing there.

Another message from Toki:

We have received many words of gratitude, but it is completely 100% because of you who are protecting the future of Fujioka-kun’s daughters.
We are grateful for the good memories, we have given just ideas and efforts.
Please continue to serve to embody your thoughts.


Here are the previous “My Little God” releases, which also go to his daughters:

Although as linked, they are all available on Amazon Japan (and it is a far easier way to get them), the best way to get more money to Mikio’s family is to buy them here. They don’t ship internationally, so you would have to use a service such as Tenso.


Richard Griffis · July 31, 2019 at 11:42 PM

I hope this is available in the US, many here would like to contribute for Mikio’s children education and to have the DVD as well, If it is not available please let us know where we can send donations for the children’s education fund or just to help the family. Best wishes from Tulsa, Oklahoma USA.
Richard G.

    BABYMETAL News · August 3, 2019 at 11:35 PM

    Very unlikely, given that the previous ones weren’t. But, you can order from CDJapan with international shipping (quite affordable), or if you want more of your money to go to his family, you can order from the official website and get it delivered via a service like Tenso.

    I added links to the old ones above 🙂

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