A day after putting both live albums on iTunes and Apple Music (in Japan), they have dropped the trailer, as well as the release of all the bonus item images. They have also announced a new lottery (Japan only) for a chance to win one of 100 “BABYMETAL Original Cushion’s”.

All the info and images below.

Link to the original announcement, purchase links, and all previous information


New Info Released

Limited Edition Blu-ray look


All Bonuses

For Blu-ray, Limited Edition Blu-ray, and DVD orders

All pre-orders before August 5th:

B3-sized poster

Store specific:

  • Amazon Japan: Ticket Holder  [Not uploaded on their website yet, but you can see in full above]

For Live Album CD’s

Purchasing them in any store gets these bonuses.

Lottery For An Original Cushion

100 winners will be chosen by lottery for a ‘BABYMETAL Original Cushion’.

To apply you will need two items: the application postcard (1) and the application ticket (2), which come with the following products:

  1. “LEGEND – METAL GALAXY” on Blu-ray/DVD/Limited Edition Blu-ray (TFXQ-) (78184/TFXQ-78185/TFBQ-18228)
  2. LIVE ALBUM of “LEGEND – METAL GALAXY” [DAY-1] or [DAY-2] (TFCC-86717/TFCC-86718)

Attach the application ticket (2) to the application postcard (1), fill in the required information on the postcard, and mail it to the address listed on the postcard.

Application deadline: must be received by Wednesday, September 30th
It will ship in October.



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