Update: They have only become available on iTunes in Japan.

Day 1 – Day 2

The covers are slightly different than the ones we got before.

BABYMETAL announced today that starting on July 15th (at 12AM Japan time), these 2 albums will be available for pre-order digitally and via streaming on iTunes and Apple Music. Initially, “Brand New Day” and “Headbanger!!” will be playable, with the rest of the songs becoming available on September 9th, with the full release of the show.

This coincides with the first time this will be played to the public, as BABYMETAL also announced that “Brand New Day” will be played on Nippon Broadcasting System “Mucomi Plus” (FM93.0, AM1242) on July 15th between 00:00 hs. (12 AM) and 00:53 hs. (12:53 AM).

Given that the tweet is in Japanese, it’s possible this may only be available (at least initially) in the Japanese iTunes and Apple Music.

Likewise, they didn’t say any info regarding Google Play, Spotify, or other platforms yet.


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