Moa Kikuchi was born on July 4th, 1999 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

When Moa was young, she started modeling, appearing in various magazinesadsTV shows, and beauty pageants, among other things.

In 2010 along with Yui she joined Sakura Gakuin, and was the youngest (and shortest) member at the time. Both of them then went on to become founding members of the subunits Twinklestars and BABYMETAL, as well as being in the 2nd generation of Minipati. In 2014 she became the President of the 2014-2015 Nendo, which sadly coincided with BABYMETAL doing their first World Tour, which meant lots of weeks away from Japan, forcing her to miss events, such as Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 (she did send a video with Yui, though!). But don’t worry, she had a blast in previous years.

After Yui’s departure from BABYMETAL, she has now become a more important member of BABYMETAL. During 2018, she had to sing the BLACK BABYMETAL songs by herself. For LEGEND S she even performed completely alone for those songs! This is not the first time she performing a BABYMETAL song without Yui, as back in 2014 at the very important Budokan shows, YUIMETAL had fallen during Head Banger!! and disappeared making Moa and Su have to finish the song on their own. Yui reappeared for the next (and last) song of the night, IDZ, but sadly in this case Moa slipped during the initial run, and may have had to power through some pain during the full (extended) song.

Last year she celebrated her most important birthday (20th) with a show in her hometown of Nagoya, LEGEND M! [Show Report] She made a spectacular entrance, attached to a “flying” BABYMETAL logo, and being able to do a special performance of Head Banger! and Shine (debut). Fun fact, this is actually the 2nd time they perform LEGEND M. BABYMETAL performed LEGEND Y and LEGEND M in 2014 in Europe, in Paris, France and Cologne, Germany, respectively. That was the first time either of them sang Head Banger!! 2nd time being at the APOCRYPHA Y and M shows that same month back in Tokyo, Japan, and then for a 3rd time at LEGEND M. Sadly Yui left, so there was no LEGEND Y, but many believe THE SUN ALSO RISES should have been it, considering the dates (close to her birthday) and location (hometown).

Let’s hope we get to see more of SUPER Moa-chan once this is all over! 😀

Official, Friend, and Media Tweets


Sakura Gakuin

Today is the birthday of our 2014 graduate, Moa Kikuchi, 🎂 Congratulations on your 21st birthday 🎉.
“Love is the most precious thing!”
We think the message that Moa held up has become one of the most important words in the world today. The juniors are smiling on their faces as they aim to be super ladies following the words from their seniors 😉 For Moa, we wish you a wonderful year 💖.

Ohmura has already added the usual birthday cake in his Twitter name:

BOH (Bass Kami), he also retweeted the official BABYMETAL tweet:

🎂( B`o´H)/🎉

Aiko Yamaide (ex-Sakura Gakuin):

Happy Birthday 🎉

Moa-chan appeared in my dream and I got a hug from her. I told her about it and she said that it wasn’t a dream and that she wants to hug me when she meets me.
It made me love Moa-chan♡! lol
I’m looking forward to the day when we can meet and hug😌

I’m continuing to look forward to super Moa-chan’s activities☆

Megumi Okada (ex-Sakura Gakuin):

Moa-chan, bringing love to the world. Today, people all over the world are sending Moa-chan their love.

When Moa-chan laughs, Megu and everyone around the world will feel better too 😊

I just washed the plush white polar bear that Moa-chan gave me by coincidence.

Happy 21st birthday 🎉

Ikuo Minewaki (Tower Records President and self-professed “Biggest Moa fan”:

Happy birthday, Moa Kikuchi-chan! I wish you a wonderful year!!!!

Frederic Leclerc (Dragon Force):

Happy Birthday Moa!

Tower Records Shinjuku:

Today is #MOAMETAL’s birthday 🎂 Happy Birthday 🎉
We are looking forward to the best live performances and the day we can see them again!!! #ベビメタ products are currently for sale at the 8F Idol Corner and are under big acclaim 🔥
We are still accepting pre-orders for the video and LIVE recordings that will be arriving on Tuesday, September 8th [LEGEND – METAL GALAXY]

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Official Posts From Previous Years

2012 (13): BABYMETAL
2013 (14): BABYMETAL – BABYMETAL (Rock Beats Cancer FES Vol.2) – Sakura Gakuin
2014 (15): BABYMETAL 1 (poster – LEGEND M) – BABYMETAL 2 (post show) – Sakura Gakuin
2015 (16): BABYMETAL – Sakura Gakuin
2016 (17): BABYMETAL – Sakura Gakuin (no pic)
2017 (18): BABYMETAL – Sakura Gakuin (no pic)
2018 (19): BABYMETAL – Sakura Gakuin (no pic)
2019 (20): BABYMETAL – Sakura Gakuin (no pic)

Fan Art

Credit for the main picture to Joshua Straight from Boston on September 9th, 2019.

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