Japan time, of course.

In just 2 days, she will have her biggest personal shows ever in Nagoya (her hometown) at LEGEND M.

Here is a set of pictures of her!

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Happy 20th Birthday MOAMETAL!! – Image

BABYMETAL: Twitter –Facebook – Instagram

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎁 Today is the 2014 graduate, Moa Kikuchi’s, birthday! Happy 20 years old ♪ on tour right now! I think it’s a tough schedule, but no matter how many overlaps there are, I think you will have the power to make it happen, and have a smile that attracts people! Aim for a more and more super lady ✨

Sakura Gakuin (Google translate)

Ohmura changed his Twitter name (now includes a birthday cake)

Happy 20th birthday🎉

Kind Moa-chan who asks after me even now! Thank you for always giving me updates on recent events as well😊

We haven’t met each other unexpectedly yet this yer, but we’ll definitely meet each other right❤️

I hope I’ll be able to go see your concert again sometime!

Aiko (ex-Sakura Gakuin) (translation credit to KaigaiFukei)

Happy 20th Birthday!

Please take good care of yourself and have fun on your concert tour!

Megu’ll try my best so that I can improve myself just like you!

Megu (ex-Sakura Gakuin member) (translation credit to Onji Kobe)

Kikuchi Moa-chan, Happy Birthday!! Moa-chan is 20 years old. I am deeply moved. Be careful with your body and do your best! Have a lovely 20th birthday! ! ! ! !

Ikuo Minewaki (Tower Records Japan President, biggest Moa fan)

Elize from Amaranthe and Flea from RHCP wishing Moa happy birthday

Happy birthday Moa-chan🎉 #MOAMETAL #BABYMETAL #KikuchiMoaHappyBirthday2019

Tower Records Shibuya

happy birthday!MOAMETAL!

Live viewing on July 7th
All the staff look forward to! it

7/7 (Sun) 17:30 START
※ The ticket will be closed by 12:00 on the 5th (Fri) tomorrow


Live Viewing JP who will be displaying Legend M across Japan

#MOAMETAL of #BABYMETAL, Happy 20th Birthday! We are looking forward for more and more success. #VDC

VDV Tokyo

Happy birthday MOAMETAL!

Manga artist with 179k followers with Moa birthday fan-art

Today is the birthday of “MOAMETAL” member of BABYMETAL!

Shimamura music store (account also followed by Mikio)

@BABYMETAL_JAPAN Hi Moa! We just wanted to wish you an amazing birthday!

“Famous Birthdays” twitter account with 500k followers and verified checkmark

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