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BOH and Yuya have announced a livestream show for next Saturday, June 20th. It will be available later as an archive as well for those that missed it or want to rewatch it. It will include 4 cameras, of which you can select which you want to watch at any time. As Yuya put it:

If you only want to see Mr. BOH’s shining head, you can do so.

All of this is only available for those that purchase tickets (you need to register an account as well). BOH specifically said that foreign fans can participate (the website is available in English too!).

They request that people not download or redistribute the content.

Satoshi Oka (guitar) and Shinya Nishiwaki (Keyboard) will be joining. they both participated in the album.

Livestream link

Cost: ¥2,200 (about $20 USD)
Date: Saturday, June 20th
Livestream Start Time: 20:00 hs (8 PM) [Time Zone ConverterCountdown]
Show Start Time: 21:30 hs (9:30 PM) [Time Zone ConverterCountdown]

Who are the Kari Band?

The Kari Band (Temporary Band, in English) is a jazz fusion band that was made of 3 current/previous Kami Band members, BOH (bass), Mikio Fujioka (guitar) [RIP], and Yuya Maeta (drums). They released their original EP in 2017 and released another 6 song album earlier this year.

Both their albums are available for streaming on Spotify, and other platforms. And you could also check some of their live shows on their YouTube channel.

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