2 special shows in Tokyo held on December 16 and 17th. The shows lasted exactly 1 hour each and were the same. They were special because they were the first small shows (1100-2400 capacity) in Japan in over 2 years, as well as the first THE ONE members only shows in over 2 years, the last one being LEGEND S (Day 1). They also featured the first Japanese Kami solos in over 2 years.

Sadly, there is no fan recordings or pro-shot footage, so we will not be able to see these things. All the show info can be found below.

Show Info


  3. Gimme Chocolate!
  4. Elevator Girl
  5. Shanti
  6. Starlight
  7. Kagerou (with Kami solo)
  8. Distortion
  9. Megitsune
  10. PA PA YA!!
  11. KARATE
  12. Headbanger!!
  13. Road of Resistance

Kami Band

  • Ohmura
  • LEDA
  • BOH
  • Hideki

Chosen Avenger

  • Momoko

Fan Pictures


There was a new T-shirt, and they also sold the face towel already sold this tour, as well the key holders from the November Japan Tour. Full post on the merch sold there.

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