The 3rd show for this tour (in Japan) was at Osaka. The shows had the same setlist and Kami Band members as the Saitama shows last weekend, other than the change in Avenger from Momoko to Riho. They played to a near sold out crowd of 16,000~ at Osaka-Jo Hall.

Bring Me The Horizon opened for them again. But, there were a few different things. SU-METAL wished Oli (BMTH’s singer) a happy birthday during the encore, and during Shine fans did not use their cellphone lights due to a new rule this tour.

This is the 2nd time BABYMETAL plays at this venue. Last time was just a little over 2 years ago for the BIG FOX FESTIVALs. For those unaware, these were Yui’s last show’s with BABYMETAL.

Read all about it below!

March 2020 Update: a special WOWOW Broadcast “BABYMETAL Live Selection – Odyssey to the METAL GALAXY” featured a compilation of DA DA DANCE from both SSA and Osaka-Jo Hall. You can see it below.

April 2020 Update: a full blu-ray set will be released.

Show Info


3- Gimme Chocolate!!
4- Elevator Girl
5- Shanti Shanti Shanti
6- Starlight
7- Kagerou
8- Distortion
9- Megitsune
10- PA PA YA!!
12- Road of Resistance
– Encore –
13- Shine
14- Arkadia

Kami Band

  • BOH
  • Hideki Aoyama
  • Ohmura
  • Leda

Chosen Avenger

  • Riho Sayashi

Other things of note

Shine – New “No smartphone flashlight” Rule

Before today’s show BABYMETAL made an announcement stating that fans must follow the rules or the show could be outright cancelled.

Not mentioned in the English post (but that was in the Japanese one) is that this is especially about the new rule that they have, which is the “No smartphone flashlight” rule. This rule wasn’t at any previous shows of the tour (or previous Japanese shows, for that matter).

The threat to cancel the show is also new. It was always that they could kick you out (and delete any footage, if you took any of the show). This very likely comes as even after having the rules for SSA, fans still did it.

For “THE ONE”, fans pulled out their cell phone lights, which was asked by SU-METAL at shows in the US (as was done previously for KARATE), likewise it also happened with Shine this tour. But it seems for some reason, they don’t want fans shining lights during the show, at least for these shows. Fans mentioned that either safety for the performers or simply not covering the view of other fans, could be reasons for the new rule.

In any case, it worked, as fans did not do this for Shine at tonight’s show in Osaka. What is curious is that they were allowed (and encouraged) to do so at BMTH’s set.


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