The first Japan shows since METAL GALAXY’s release have just happened. They were both at the Saitama Super Arena (SSA), near Tokyo. BABYMETAL played to a sold out (as always in Japan) crowd of around 16,000~20,000. Bring Me The Horizon, their friends for several years now, opened for them both nights (they will also do so in a few days in Osaka).

The songs were almost the same as The Forum (without Head banger this time), but for this one the “main”/regular Kami Band members made a comeback! However, they did not play any solos at either show.

Both nights featured the same setlist and members. Many famous artists, as well as old friends, went to the show. And, the video at the end of the show hyped up and told fans something about the LEGEND – METAL GALAXY shows that will happen in January.

Read all about it below!

March 2020 Update: a special WOWOW Broadcast “BABYMETAL Live Selection – Odyssey to the METAL GALAXY” featured a compilation of DA DA DANCE from both SSA and Osaka-Jo Hall. You can see it below.

April 2020 Update: a full blu-ray set will be released.

Show Info


3- Gimme Chocolate!!
4- Elevator Girl
5- Shanti Shanti Shanti
6- Starlight
7- Kagerou
8- Distortion
9- Megitsune
10- PA PA YA!!
12- Road of Resistance
– Encore –
13- Shine
14- Arkadia

Kami Band

  • BOH
  • Hideki Aoyama
  • Ohmura
  • Leda

Chosen Avenger

  • Momoko Okazaki

Article With Pro-shot Pictures

Pop N Roll (taken by Fuji Taku):

Fan Video

There was no official video from these shows, but lots of fan-cams popped up online after the shows. Here is one from the entire night 2 show:

The fans held out their camera lights for Shine:

Backstage Pictures With Bring Me The Horizon

Taken by Taku Fuji (BABYMETAL’s official photographer).


The end of show lore/video talks about the LEGEND – METAL GALAXY shows in January 2020:

The moment the sun and the moon align, a vast metal galaxy appears as a sign that a new legend will begin.
When the Gods of the East and the Gods of the West play a metal symphony at night, three fired arrows arc into the starry skies transforming into the avengers.
The continuing odyssey of the Metal Galaxy will take us to a world we’ve never seen before.

It seemingly teases the fact that both the Main/regular Kami Band members and the US Kami Band members will play. Could be either one set each night, or mixed (as it does say “symphony”). Likewise, looks like all 3 Avengers will perform as well. If at the same time, or rotating (as was done at The Forum), is yet to be seen.

Famous People And Friends That Went

Yuika (ex-Karen Girls, along with Suzuka) went and talked to Su:

Yura Pico (Burst Girl) and Okaki (NECRONOMIDOL):

Minori (Manaminorisa)

Marina Horiuchi (ex-Sakura Gakuin, still with Amuse):

Kuramoto (Sakura Gakuin principle):

Kami Band Post-show Messages

Japan is good

Ohmura (post night 1)

Fujioka-san, it was the highest height of the burgundy, 🎸 thank you very much.

Metal is good.

Ohmura (post night 2)

Well, music is really good (B. o.H.) 🍺

BOH (post night 2)

Fan Pictures

Pictures from Mayu


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